Faster Than Life

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"There isn't anything faster than life." Grandma said, wise words very amusing. "If you love something, tell it."

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



It was a normal day, I guess, and I walked to my grandma's house down the street. I needed advice. Advice for love. I had ran into a girl at school and she was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen, hence I need advice for what to say and do to her.  I walked on the cracked sidewalk, my head up high and my school uniform on. The purple glow off of my sweater shined off of it. I slowly walk to my grandma's doorstep, and touch the doorbell. "Hi, baby. Come and take a seat." my grandma said as I walk into her house. "So what did you need to talk about?" "I need some advice on how to talk to a girl." I say, kind of embarrassed. "Okay. All you need to know is there is nothing faster than life. So, if you love something tell it." grandma said. "Alright, thanks." I say. "Anytime." I walk out of her house onto the grass. I got home and watched tv, and slowly went to sleep.

The next day, I went to school. I pulled on my uniform ready to go and suddenly I remembered my grandmother's wise words, "There is nothing faster than life." I realized at that moment in time what that had meant. If I never tell the girl my love for her, I would never have any relationships. I hurried to school and walked right into the hallway. I saw my crush, standing over by her locker, her hair in a ponytail, I had never seen anything so beautiful. I finally got the courage to walk over to her. "Hi, Larissa." "Hey." she said back. "What's up?" I ask. "Nothing." I just went for it and told her. "Would you like to see a movie sometime?" I say. "Sure, that would be fun. I'll text you!" she said shutting her locker. "Okay!" I said back. I had done it! I got my lovers heart! As soon as I had got home I went to my grandmothers house. "I did it!" I yelled, "I have a date with the girl!" Grandma thought that it was great. "See? I told you if you love something, tell it!"


The End

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Faster Than Life

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