Cape Breton

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Perhaps the friendliest place I have visited so far.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008



Part 3 Cape Breton

I crossed the Canso Causeway in a gale force wind one day.

I was headed for Cape Breton lookin’ for a place to stay.

The waves were crashin’ on the rocks and splashin’ cross the road.

My 1 ton Jimmy rocked and swayed like a Dory getting’ towed.

I passed on through Port Hawksbury then east on Hwy 4.

I came upon St Peters, then a Lac they call Bras D’or,

North and east past Irish Cove on a winding hilly track.

Then I saw Rita’s Tea Room, so I stopped and had a snack.

New Scotland and Cape Breton used to be two separate lands,

Some people think that they still are from what I understand.

Now I can’t say how others feel, ‘cause I don’t know for sure,

I’d like them both at my right hand if I was headin’ off to war.

This wild Atlantic coastline seems to breed some hardy folks.

There’s music, dance and poetry, they’re good at tellin’ jokes.

They have no fear of sweatin’, these people earn their pay.

Hospitality is next to none, I’m tellin’ you today.

When you’re planning your vacation to some far exotic land,

Then think about Cape Breton and the sound of Celtic bands.

Think of Lochs and rolling hills and endless miles of coast.

And I’ll think about my country and the places I like most.


Mitch McClarty

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