Sarah 2

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Sarah is one of those people I've met that I was instantly drawn to.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008





I'm not sure that I can explain this; I'll be as honest as I possibly can.

I met a woman one night as I studied the foibles and morals of man.

She had eyes that glistened and I marvelled, at the depths of the soul I could see.

She cast a glance across a dim lighten bar room and it settled intently on me.

I felt a stirring way down deep inside me; I felt heat and the pulse in my bead.

I felt the pull of pre-historic yearnings, I could have partook but instead,

I ignored her as she worked her wiles, and this woman had wiles to work.

She sauntered over and sat down beside me, lit a smoke and she said with a smirk,

You have eyes that are wicked with wisdom, you’ve a soul that is ancient and proud.

You've got a face like a god and I'm liken' your bod, she grinned and then she laughed out Ioud.

She said" my name is Sarah MacMillan". I'm sorry; I'm just pullin your chain,

I can see that you’re bored, sittin' here all alone, you play pool, why don't we shoot a game".

Off the break she sank the four and the seven, then put the three and the five In the side.

She finished me off, with four rapid shots and delivered a blow to my pride.

We played pool and we laughed and we bantered, It was easy, like we were old friends.

I looked down and my watch said 1:30am, and I knew that my time here must end.

I said" Sarah, it's been a pleasure to meet you". She said “Mitch, I feel the same way,

If it weren't for your wife, or in some other life, I'd be on you like syrup on hot cakes".

 We've been lovers in some other lifetime; we're kindred spirits adrift in the night.

We have met before, of that I am sure and I think that you know that I'm right".

I dreamed as I slumbered that morning, of highlands and heather and mist,

Of a lass and her stare, blue eyes and brown hair, who held my home and my heart in her fist.

Mitch McClarty

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