could you guess? Chapter 1

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she seems to be ok she have good friends but they dont rally know whats happening .. could you guess?

Submitted: February 15, 2011

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Submitted: February 15, 2011



she was looking at the window with a big void in her hearth she want to cry but she will not because of her pride. she hear how her mom was coming home and screaming her name " ashley!!" she know her mom was mad but she didnt care about it she always was! she wents to her bedroom and put her ipod on and start to hear music so she could stop thinking maybe that way she will feel better. Ashley start to think about how her valentines day was a complete mess how could he done that to her? maybe she do something wrong? what could it be? she remember how she was happy until her cellphone rings and how she hear the voice of her best friend, alba, telling her how the guy she likes have ask another girl to be her girlfriends in front of her. she was so devastated and she could feel the cold in her body but she pretend that she was ok she always did that. Thats why everybody thinks she is so cold that she just want to play with  guys and that could may be true but this one, andree really get into her hearth, how could he do that? she cant stop thinking about it. she told alba goodbye and happy valentines and went to look outside for a long time.

Even thought she knows that this will happen because she really is expererience with relationships, inside her hearth she was waithing andree to appear in front of her house with a lot of gifts and saying " do you want to be my girlfriend?". Anyways she wasnt in love with him but it still hurt bacause she wants him. ashley start to change musics on her ipod and put one that could make her feel better. her mind start to crumble and she thinks about all the fun they have had all the parties, all the kisses, all the phone called on 2 of the morning and that last for about 3 hours. Could she told one of her friends about it? ... they will have compasion for her she doesnt wants that!

next day at school she pretends everything was ok as always. ashley is a senior at her school so she want to leave and send everything to fuck off she cant stand school any longer but she wouldnt cause she wasnt that bad at her report card and have friends that she love so much and they love her back. Ashley ask permision to go to thE bathroom and there was rocio one of her bestfriends at her school she told her everythong and she told her a lie to her that her ex boyfriends at wich they have been together a year and have broke up for a stupid thing that asley did she sheeted at him but she didnt suffer about that at all she can feel but she pretends not to, she tells rocio that his ex went to her house to ask her to be her girlfriend and hand her a lot of gift and she said no so she woud not feel so depress about her, rocio only said that andree was a stupid and that he didnt deserve her at wich ashley feel better she continue her day like always like nothing have happen.

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could you guess? Chapter 1

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