being me (mitsuru)

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cera seren inspired me to do this, because she did this too and i also want people to know the real me instead of judging me on my appearance. so im going to tell you guys about me!

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



i am mitsuru

i am sometimes dumb

i am shy yet out-going

i have low-self- esteem

i have average looks

im proud to be who i am but sometimes im scared

i have split personality, hard to controll

but we get along and have fun together

i like to be left alone, but sometimes its too lonely

i get annoyed easily

im lactose and tolerant but i still eat some dairy products just not milk

i take and bear the pain later on

i hide my emotions when im sad, depressed, or angry

i only show my best side

i pretend to be strong but im really not

i pretend i know what im doing but i don't

im afraid to get in trouble or dissapoint my family

i never really do what i want to do

i don't ask or tell what i want only what i need

i don't talk much at school else my anger would escape

i see my life sometimes as a dark cave

i love the cold, it feels as if it takes away the pain i feel

i relieves the stress i hold in from home and school

i listen to music when i can't take the noise anymore

i blast it loud to ignore people's voices

i write when im feeling emotional or firing with imagination!

i want romance in my life yet im scared of being hurt.

i can't change myself

i wouldn't change myself

i know that everybody has problems, some worse than mine

You Were My Everything-aviation

I Wish You Loved Me-Tynisha Keli

Light Up The Sky- Christina Aguilera

three songs that keep me going!

i hope that who ever reads this does this too! i think it shows other people that not everyone is perfect no matter what they see on the outside and find out who they are by looking in on the inside. nobodys perfect!

found this at ! down! cera seren!

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