Grim Reaper 1

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It is a story about Seth, a grim reaper who finds out that there is something wrong with the administration and decides to take action.


He walked into the bar. A deadly silence greeted him. Everyone was looking at him, wondering what he was doing here. He did not give a damn. He simply walked up to the bartender and sat on a chair near the counter. He ordered a beer. The bartender, if he was surprised, did not show it but gave him his beer. After that, the bartender hurried off to other customers. A murmuring was going on in the bar. People were still looking at him, but when he met their eyes they all looked away.

He finished his beer and ordered another one. The bartender looked doubtfully at him. The bartender tried to say something but he raised his hand and stopped the bartender. He kept on drinking beer. After 10 mugs of beers he stood up, paid and left. A new comer to the bar asked a passing by waiter, “Who was the man who just walked out of the door?”

The waiter replied, “The Grim Reaper!”



The bar haunted him. He was not allowed to go there. It was forbidden. But he could not help himself. The beer in there was better than anywhere in the administration. He had gone to the bar once not knowing he was not allowed; the longest probation he ever received. Now he was standing in front of the bar, tempting FATE, deciding whether to go in or not.

“FATE”, he muttered, “will you control my strings and lead me inside the bar or will you stop me from going inside?”

But he knew that FATE did not control him anymore. The decision was up to him. He knew the consequences of entering the bar and neglecting his duty. He had souls to collect and entering the bar would hamper this. This could lead to stripping of his powers. But he wanted to go in and relax. There was one more reason. He finally decided what to do. He walked in the bar.



He came out if the bar and looked around. No one. This was odd, and not natural. He laughed. Everything had been unnatural with him since that day. He was not a Grim Reaper by choice or birth. He was a Grim Reaper by force. He had no other option. The administration demanded it. No one went against the administration. He had once asked why? He had got the answer that no one had thought about it.

He sighed and took out his list. He had less than a minute to collect his next soul. He had not missed reaping any of the souls. He felt relieved. He teleported. He ended up in a dark room. This was not where he had intended to teleport, but he knew this place. He knew what was happening. He turned around and came face to face with him.

“Hi, DEATH”, he said calmly.



“Don’t go there”, Io told him. He was putting on his robes. He turned around with a quizzical expression on his face. “Don’t go there”, she repeated.

“Why should I not?” he asked.

“Because it is not worth it”, she spoke with anger and got out of bed. He looked at her for a long time. Then he said, “It is not for the beer that I am going. The beer is an excuse.”

“Why do you do this?” she asked, her eyes welling up.

“Because someone has to”, he replied.

He had now put on his robe. He picked up his scythe and started moving towards the door. He was stopped by her.

“Leave to do this and you will never see me again. I will apply for vaporization; not even purification, vaporization, and you will lose me forever.”

He looked at her coldly. This was the first time he had done in all the years he had known her. If he felt any emotion, he did not show it. He simply said, “So be it.”

He pushed her aside and exited the house.



“What are you doing Seth?” DEATH asked of him. It was an emotionless and a monotonous voice. But it sent a chill down your spine. Seth could feel the Goosebumps. He got them every time he talked to DEATH. Anyone who talked to DEATH wished they were not doing so. One might think that one should get used to his voice by now. But no one can get used to the voice of DEATH.

He looked away from the hollow sockets of the skeletal face and said, “You should decorate this place more DEATH. Get some light in here. It cheers people up. Hopefully it will cheer you up too.”

“This does not answer my question Seth. Tell me, what are you doing?” DEATH commanded.

Seth, who was fidgeting, stopped dead. He stared into space and thought what was he doing exactly?




They were running very fast. They were trying to get away from that place. They had not got caught. They were still in shock from what had happened, what they had seen. They came to a halt near a house.

The houses in the administration were all oddly shaped. If you took the top view of the houses, you will see two concentric circles with a star in the centre. The walls of the houses were also curved.

They stood taking the support of the wall. When they calmed down and their breathing became normal, they looked at each other and laughed. It was a nervous laughter which also included their shock, which made their laughter a bit hysterical. After their laughter had died down both became quiet for some time.

Seth broke the silence, “This is not good. That’s ten Grim Reapers this month.”

The other person replied, “True. Too many of the Grim Reapers are going through the PROCESS. Earlier, only if you are being punished, you had to undergo the PROCESS. But now, they are making the Grim Reapers undergo the PROCESS left and right. This is not good.”

Seth nodded. The other person said, “You know what we have to do right?”

Seth was now looking very grim. He nodded his head. He knew what they had to do. Things were not looking very well in the administration. Seth told the other person, “We meet tomorrow then, at the bar. Tell the others. Don’t be late.”

The other person nodded and left. Seth watched him go. Then he started to walk to his house. All the houses in the administration were the same in shape and colour. But those who lived in them knew which house was theirs.

Seth reached his house and turned the knob. There were no locks. The houses were open to everyone but no one took advantage of that. When Seth entered the house he sensed someone. The people of administration could sense when a person is in that house and who that person is. Seth smiled. Io was here.

He went to his room. There she was lying on the bed and waiting for him. She was wearing a semi-transparent grey robe. She got out of bed as he walked in the room and she walked up to him. He was smiling. Their eyes met and they stood like that for a moment. Then Seth kissed her forehead, her nose and then their lips met. They kissed passionately. She could feel some tension and frustration in the kiss but she ignored it. This was not the time. Still kissing they got on the bed. He caressed her whole body and then disrobed her. For hours their bodies were intertwined in a state of passion and lust.

They lay side by side, panting, after their love making. Seth was playing with Io’s hair. He was thinking about their relationship. Io leaned in and kissed him.

She said gently, “Is something bothering you love?”

Seth frowned and said, “Am I that transparent?”

Io laughingly said, “Right now, you definitely are.”

Seth laughed with her. Then his face grew serious and he sighed, “I believe I must tell you what happened tonight.” Io nodded her head. She was scared, concerned and also excited. But she did not show it. Her expression was that of mild interest. Seth looked deep into her eyed, kissed her again and began telling her everything.



“What are you doing Seth?” DEATH asked again. Seth came out of his reverie. He looked coolly at DEATH and replied, “What do you think I am doing?” DEATH summoned his scythe from thin air and swung it towards Seth. He did not hit Seth however. He brought it crashing down at Seth’s feet.

“Don’t play with me Seth”, DEATH said in a slightly louder voice. Every word of it felt like a threat. Seth did not even flinch. He simply said, “Do you know what is happening in the administration?”

DEATH said, “What is happening in the administration Seth?”

Seth started to laugh. He said, “Don’t tell me you don’t know. You are DEATH. You are a higher Angel. And somehow you are out of the loop! That is rich! Really rich!”

Seth continued to laugh. DEATH might have looked at Seth with pity, but pity was not shown on his face. His face was an expressionless face. No expression except the monotony of dullness could be seen on his face. “What do you know Seth?” he asked. His voice still contained the threatening edge.

Seth took his time. He did not reply immediately. He walked up to the part of the house from where the exit was near. Then he calmly said, “I have seen the PROCESS.” And he ran out of the house. But as soon as he got out of the house, few guards caught him.

“Hello Seth”, said their leader, “Nice day for a run, isn’t it?”

“To the room then eh?” asked Seth. The leader nodded; then he ordered his guards to take Seth away.






He was waiting for Seth. He was in front of the correction building. He was pacing nervously and throwing furtive glances towards the building. He heard footsteps. He stopped pacing, looked in the direction from which the footsteps were coming. He hoped it was Seth. He did not have any explanations for what he was doing there. He had the truth but he could not tell anyone that. He hid in the shadows. The approaching figure was hooded. But he realised who the person was. He stepped out of his hiding place as the person drew near. The person jumped back in shock. He looked at him and let out an audible sigh, and lowered his hood. It was Seth.

“You scared me Lyle”, said Seth. Lyle, who was waiting for Seth smiled and said, “You are late. I was getting worried.”

“Io kept me. Let us go now”, said Seth. They went up to a drain. They looked around carefully to make sure that no one was present. Then they opened the lid and jumped down. No one knew why the drainage system was built in the administration. It was not required. Arguments were that the administration should have the technologies of all the territories it watched over. Some considered this as stupid while some believed that this was necessary to maintain the balance. When asked what balance, the people used to simply shrug and walk away.

“There are two sides of a coin”, DEATH had once told Seth, “and there are two sides of the administration.” Seth was also on one side of coin now. But he did not know that this side would be considered as good or bad. He believed it to be the right side, but will the others agree with him?

They reached their destination. There it was, the wall with the symbol of the Grim Reapers shining dully. It was a circle with a scythe in the middle. Some part of the scythe extended out of the circle.  They pressed the bricks which were outlining this symbol. A passage opened in the wall. There was a ladder. They climbed up the ladder. Lyle went first followed by Seth. There was a trapdoor at the top. They opened it very slowly. Lyle checked first whether anyone was present around. Then he gently opened the whole trapdoor and climbed out. Seth followed him.

He closed the trapdoor behind him memorizing its spot because the trapdoor melted in the floor perfectly. They moved stealthily and reached a door. There were no guards around which was odd. They were a bit mystified by it. They did not have time delve on it as a scream broke the silence. They both jumped.

Seth said, “It’s started. We must hurry.”

They looked up. The grille of the ventilation shaft was still open as they had left it earlier. No one had noticed it which was good. They jumped up, grabbed and entered the ventilation shaft. They started crawling in the direction of the room from where the screams were coming.

They looked through the grille. The PROCESS was going on. They watched horrified as seven Grim Reapers went through the PROCESS, the screams deafening their ears. After it was finished, everyone went away. Few servants came and carried off the unconscious Grim Reapers.

Seth and Lyle were still in the ventilation shaft, not being able to move because of the shock. They did not remember how they walked out of the shaft, the passage and reached outside the correction building. They did not talk the whole time. Finally, when they were out, Lyle opened his mouth to say something. But someone called out, “Hey, who is there?”

It was a guard. Lyle and Seth ran.




The room. This was the name the administration had for jail. It was a place for the law breakers to meditate and reflect on what they had done and why they were there. Seth had his own personal room. Instead of meditating and reflecting he was pacing around the room. There were no lawyers in the administration. The law breakers were accountable for themselves.

Seth had other things in his mind. He was concerned about Lyle and other Grim Reapers that were with him. He was also thinking about Io. He had cold-shouldered Io’s threat, but he had felt great pain while doing so. And the most important of all, he was concerned about what was going to happen to him. He did not want to go through the PROCESS after seeing how it was performed.

When he had formed his group he had known the dangers they would have to face. But now, he was afraid. He went to his wall. There he had scribbled a lot of things which only he could understand. He looked for the poem. It was a poem Io had written for him when she had said that she loved him. The poem always brought peace to his heart. He read it, mouthing each of the word. After he was finished, he muttered, “Io, please don’t do it.”

At that moment the door of his room opened and DEATH walked in. He waited till the guard who was escorting him left and the door behind him closed. Then he said in his chilly emotionless voice, “Io has applied for vaporization.”




Lyle, Seth and Arrth entered the correction building. They knew what they had to do. The plan was set in motion. They needed proof and they were going to get it. That is why they were here.

They went to the corridor where the room was present. It was this room, where the PROCESS took place. Here they split in two. Arrth went towards the washroom, while Lyle and Seth walked up to the guards who were guarding the room.

“Hello, how are you two today?” asked Lyle cheerfully.

The guards smiled. Lyle had this effect on everyone. He was a Grim Reaper with an aura of cheerfulness and enthusiasm. They started talking about the events happening in the administration.

Suddenly an alarm sounded. “Fire”, said one of the guards and swore. The other said calmly, “Fire near the washroom; odd.” The two guards and Lyle rushed towards the washroom. Seth smiled. This was what they had expected. The guards always knew which alarm was set off where and for what reason. No one understood how they were able to sense this.

When the guards were gone, Seth jumped up, moved the shaft grille and dropped down. He smiled and then ran towards the commotion. Their plan had worked. Arrth had done a good job. Fire is a very rare phenomenon in the administration and it is highly devastating. They had set a fire, not to destroy the correction building but as a distraction. They had made sure that it would be brought under control. Seth reached the washroom and saw a large group of guards along with some others. He smiled again. They were ready for tonight.




His world came crashing down. He knew that Io had not made an empty threat. But the words that came out of DEATH’s mouth devastated him. He fell on his knees. He looked at DEATH’s monotonous face. Anger boiled inside him. He got up and started to hit DEATH. But before he could land a blow, he was thrown back. He hit the wall and crumpled up. When he got up he had tears in his eyes. “Bastard!” he told DEATH.

“You brought this upon yourself”, replied DEATH, “No one told you to do this. Who asked you to go and see the PROCESS? Do you even know why it is performed? Tell me, why did you do this?”

Seth started to laugh. He was laughing and crying at the same time. It seemed that he had gone mad. Why had he done this?




They sat in a circle. The whole group was present; no, not the whole group. Ruh was gone. She had been vaporized recently. This had shaken the members of the group. But they were not deterred. They knew they had to move on. They would mourn their associate’s death but they will not let it come in the way of their larger goal.

They were thirteen now. It was considered to be a lucky number in the administration. Their leader looked around the room. His eyes rested on the empty chair. He looked at it for some time. Then he spoke, “I have got some information about the PROCESS.”

Everyone stirred in their seats. But their leader did not speak for some time. He had gone quiet as if this was a drama and he was waiting for the suspense to build up before he spoke. Finally one of the person said, “Spit it out Seth. Don’t be so dramatic.” Seth smiled at him. He said, “True, but where is the fun without a bit of drama? Now, let’s get back to business.”

And he told them what all he had heard about the PROCESS. There was a deadly silence after he had finished talking. Everyone was horrified by what they had heard. No one spoke anything. Finally Lyle broke the silence, “Seth, are you sure all of this what you are saying about the PROCESS is true?”

Seth looked at him. He waited for sometime before answering. He said, “I heard it from a very reliable source. I believe him when he says why they perform the process, but the description of the process is hard to believe. I do not think that the people of administration would go that far.”

“So what are you suggesting?” said a girl from the group.

“Only one possible solution exists. We need to see the process for ourselves”, said Seth.

There was an outburst of protest on this statement. Everyone was sceptical about entering the correction building and seeing the process.

“It cannot be done”, said one of them.

Seth raised and his hand and everybody fell silent. “I know this is risky”, he said, “but we need proof. Else no one will listen to us.” Everyone nodded grudgingly. Seth looked at each of them one by one. Then he said, “Excellent! Now, what we need is a plan. So, does anyone have any ideas how we are going to go about this?”




He stopped laughing and looked at DEATH. “We had a plan”, he said, “We saw the PROCESS through the ventilation shaft. We had opened the shaft earlier that day. The fire served as an excellent distraction for me to open that shaft. Our plan was successful. We even recorded the whole PROCESS. Soon everyone will know what is happening in the administration.”

DEATH said, “So you recorded the PROCESS. You will show it to the people of the administration. Tell me, how do you propose to do that? We have all thirteen of you in custody.”

Seth replied calmly, “Even Io? Even though she ranted us out?”

A normal person could have felt surprised, but DEATH did not feel anything. He asked, “How can you say that?”

Seth gave a short laugh and said, “I expected her to. I knew that she was less confident of what we were doing. I knew that she would turn against us thinking we were doing the wrong thing. And I was right. She did become a mole for you, didn’t she?”

DEATH said, “So you think you were not doing the wrong thing?”

Seth sighed. He said, “The group which I had formed was to bring reforms in the administration. Some of the upper level angels have gone rogue and I wanted to bring their crimes to the light of the concerned people.”

“So you think that some of the higher angels have gone rogue”, said DEATH, “If so, where is your proof?”

Seth said, “This was the trouble I faced. I knew that some of the higher angels were exploiting the Grim Reapers for power. But I did not have proof. But I have proof now, and soon, a video of the PROCESS will be seen by the entire administration.”



Seth was sitting in a bar in the administration. He had taken a corner seat, away from the crowd to get some privacy. He was quietly drinking his beer. It was not the same as the bar. The bar always haunted him. He knew why. The bar was meant for the lost souls. He was still human when he had entered the bar by mistake. No one knew how that had happened. When the people of administration are in human form, they cannot access the structures of the administration present on earth. But somehow Seth had entered the bar when he was in human form. He had drunk the beer there and had died as soon as he got out of the bar. There had been souls present in the bar who had gaped at him, but he had not cared.

There was a sound and he came out of his thoughts. A person was sitting opposite him. The person had arrived very quietly. Seth had hardly noticed him. It seemed that his contact had arrived. “Hello there”, said Seth.

“I do not have much time. Speak fast”, said the contact.

Seth said cheerfully, “Haste makes waste you know. But I will come straight to the point. I want to know two things. One: why is the PROCESS performed? And two: describe the PROCESS to me.”

The contact leaned back. He was cloaked and hooded. Nothing strange about it but Seth wanted to see his face. The contact said, “This might take some time after all. Order a beer for me, will ya?”

Seth ordered a beer for the contact. When the beer came, the contact took a sip and sighed. Seth waited patiently. The contact said, “I must say you have considerable patience. Let me tell you why the PROCESS is done. The PROCESS is done to punish the criminals. Some of the criminals are so worse that simply vaporizing them is not sufficient punishment. So they have to undergo the PROCESS before they are vaporized. But this is not why the PROCESS is used nowadays.”

“What do you mean?” asked Seth.

The contact replied, “The PROCESS is a source for punishment for the criminals but it is a source of power for the person who performs the PROCESS.”

“How do you mean?” asked Seth.

“To understand this, you will have to know how the PROCESS is performed”, said the contact. He leaned forward and described the PROCESS to Seth.



The door of the room opened and a guard came in. He was out of breath as he had been running. He spoke to DEATH, “Lord DEATH, you must come out and see this. A holographic image of Seth is being displayed throughout the organization. It is a very big hologram.”

“Lead on”, said DEATH to the guard. As he was about to leave he turned back and said to Seth, “You are coming with me.”

They exited the room. They came out of the correction building. There sure enough a large holographic image of Seth was seen in the sky. He had already started to talk and was saying something. He was accusing two higher angels of performing the PROCESS to increase their power. The holographic Seth said, “I have proof of their crimes. I have a clip to show you of the PROCESS. This clip is from my memory. Please look at it and do the right thing. These criminals should be brought to justice.” The clip of the PROCESS started to play.



Their group was going strong. Seth had formed the group soon after he had become a Grim Reaper. He knew why he had formed the group. If he would have told the members the reason, they would have considered it as Seth’s personal vendetta. But it was not. He knew from the beginning that there was some reason due to which he was demoted from his position of power. And even after his demotion he became a Grim Reaper which was odd as it was not his department. It was DEATH’s department. His was a different one. So, as soon as he became a Grim Reaper he started to rebel. He knew something was wrong in the administration and he had to do something about it. Thus, the group was formed.

It had taken some time to put the group together. He had to pick the right people and had to win their trust. Moreover he had to convince them that whatever they were doing was the right thing. It was always tough to convince the people of administration that there is something wrong as they are not ready to accept it easily. It took a long time but he managed to form a group of fifteen members.

After the group was formed, they started investigating about anything which can be considered wrong in the administration. Someone heard the rumours of the PROCESS and they decided to follow it. They lost two members because of investigation of the PROCESS. They were both vaporized. This convinced them that they had to focus on the PROCESS.

Seth had obtained a contact that would help him understand the PROCESS. He was psyched about it. The contact had asked Seth to meet him in the administration bar. Seth was excited about it. He arrived fifteen minutes early and entered the bar.




The holograph was showing what Seth had seen through the ventilation shaft. All of the people saw the top view of the room where the PROCESS was performed. The angel of Fate and angel of Lust were present there. A Grim Reaper was tied to the slab stone. He was screaming. The reason was obvious. He was tied to the slab stone and spikes came out of his hands and legs. He was not bleeding though. The people of administration did not bleed.

Fate and Lust were looking at the tormented Grim Reaper and smiling. They looked at each other. Through gestures Lust asked Fate to go first. Fate went up to the screaming Grim Reaper. He watched him for some time and then, he put a hand on the Grim Reaper’s fore head. He spoke something which was inaudible. Seth must have not heard it properly.

Fate took off his hand a bit distance away from the Grim Reaper and they could see the energy flowing from the Grim Reaper to Fate. The Grim Reaper screamed like he had never done before. Soon he went limp. Fate did not suck out all of his energy. He left a bit to keep the Grim Reaper alive. Then the unconscious Grim Reaper was set free and his wounds were healed.

Everyone saw horrified as six other Grim Reapers were subjected to the same torture. Fate and Lust took turns to perform the PROCESS on the Grim Reapers. After they were finished they exited the room without giving a damn about the Grim Reapers. Then the servants came and took the unconscious Grim Reapers away. Seth’s holographic image came back. It said, “People what you saw is the truth. Now you decide what is to be done.” The holograph disappeared. DEATH turned to Seth and simply said, “Impressive”.

Seth gave a short bow and said, “Thank you.”



Seth was sitting in his office. He had a lot of paper work to be done. He had to approve the change of fates of many people. He sighed and leaned back in his chair. He was tired. He wanted to finish his work and go back home, back to Io. He looked at the bundle of files and grumbled. There were a lot of files left. He thought of his sub-ordinates who had to continuously monitor the people of various territories. He remembered when he used to do the same thing and smiled.

There was a knock on his door. He said, “Come in.”

The angel of Allotment, Abbot came in. Seth was surprised. “Abbot!” he exclaimed, “What are you doing here?” and he grabbed Abbot’s hand. Abbot’s expression was serious. He said seriously, “There have been some changes in the administration Seth”, and he gave Seth a rolled up piece of paper with the seal of the Administrator on it.

Seth took the paper from Abbot with a quizzical expression on his face. He opened it, breaking the seal and read it. His eyes narrowed and a frown appeared on his face. What he read was not good. He read the paper three twice before he put it down on his desk.

“This is ridiculous”, he said calmly.

“I know. But this order came from the upper administration. It has the seal of the Administrator on it”, replied Abbot.

Seth said, “Yes, but... but... this says that I am no longer the angel of Fate and Grull is supposed to take my post and... and I am supposed to be a Grim Reaper!”

Abbot nodded. “This is preposterous. It can’t be happening”, shouted Seth.

“Calm down Seth. There is nothing you can do about it now”, said Abbot.

Seth calmed down. He said, “You are right Abbot. But I still can’t get my head around this. I need some time to meditate.”

“Understandable. But we will have to clear your office. Grull will be starting today. You may start your duties of Grim Reaper from tomorrow if you wish to”, said Abbot.

Seth nodded as he exited his office; no his ex-office in a daze. As he walked back home, he had calmed down a lot. He was now thinking straight. Something was wrong. Grull was not a good candidate for being the angel of Fate and yet he was now the angel of Fate. Something was seriously wrong happening in the administration and he decided he will find out the truth.



A meeting was going on. Present in this meeting were DEATH, Seth, Angel of Justice, Juran, Abbot and a higher angel from the upper level administration whose name they did not know. They were asked to call him Mr. X or just X. Io and the other members of the group were also present. All of them had been released in light of the recent events that had happened.

Grull, the angel of Fate, and Lagneia, the angel of Lust had been arrested. The guards, the servants and the healers associated with Grull and Lagneia were also arrested. After the holograph was shown, Grull had remained stubborn saying that it was all a lie. It was Lagneia who had broken down. She had confessed everything. It seemed that through the PROCESS Grull and Lagneia wanted to become very powerful and overthrow the Administrator. The guards, servants and the healers were also promised places of power in the new administration.

“We must thank you Seth”, said Juran, “Because of you and your group we were able to stop a huge catastrophe in the administration.” The group members cheered. When they had calmed down, DEATH looked at Seth and said, “How did you show that holograph? Do you have another member which no one knows about?”

Seth smiled slyly. He said, “I have a contact, that’s all I will say.”

No one probed him further about that. They knew that if Seth did not wish to tell then he would not tell under any circumstances. Io looked at him softly and said, “I hope you forgive me, all of you”, looking at the group members. They all said they forgave her.

Seth said, “Don’t worry love. But next time trust me.” Io nodded not meeting Seth’s eyes.

DEATH said, “It is good that you recorded the PROCESS Seth. We talked to the victims. And as expected, they did not remember one thing about what happened to them.”

Seth nodded. He said, “Yes it happens. Those who undergo the PROCESS do not remember anything.”

“Well it is over now”, said Juran, “but there is some work to be done. I will make the PROCESS illegal now. No one needs to go through such agony, not even the criminals.”

Everyone cheered on that statement. When everyone had become silent, Seth said, “It’s not over yet. We are forgetting something. How did Grull become the angel of Fate? And why I was given the role of a Grim Reaper? The order came from upper level administration.”

They all looked at X. He had been silent this whole time. He cleared his throat and said, “I can explain.”




He walked into the bar and looked around. It was a new bar. He had passed the same street everyday and he had never seen this bar before. So it must be newly opened. However it was packed with people. The people present looked very different. They were sort of pale and transparent. Somehow it did not disturb him. He felt at home.

He walked up to the bartender ignoring the gaping stares of the lost souls around him. Even the bartender was surprised to see him. He ordered a beer. The bartender gave it to him. The proper thing for the bartender to have done was to send him off. But the bartender did not. Instead he supplied him with beer. He drank the beer. It was the best beer he had ever tested. It felt like heaven. He drank a few more mugs of beer.

After he had finished he took out his wallet to pay. The bartender stopped him saying, “It’s on the house.”

He was surprised as well as pleased. He exited the bar. He walked a few steps and turned. The bar had disappeared. Before he could think about what had happened, he died. He had not realised that he was standing in the middle of the road and a speeding car hit him.

He was now standing in front of a huge gate. A person came up to him. The person said, “Welcome back Seth. You are back early though.”

Seth groaned and said, “How the hell did I walk into the bar in my human form?”

The person shrugged and said, “Ask Grull. He is the temporary angel of Fate since you had gone to earth.”

Seth sighed and said, “Grull! That explains a lot. This was bound to happen if an idiot is the angel of Fate.” They started walking towards the preparation building. As they neared it Seth said, “Well, now that I am back, time to resume my duties.”




X said, “Grull and Lagneia were not the people who were trying to overthrow the Administrator. They were only puppets working for someone in the upper level administration, someone who wishes to take the position of the Administrator.”

“Who is this person?” asked Juran.

“That we do not know”, said X, “My department is concerned with the security of the upper level administration. That is why I am here. The arrest of Fate and Lust will help me uncover the name of the person who is scheming against the Administrator. I have looked into your transfer papers Seth. Someone forged Administrators symbol. He had never approved of your transfer. Someone wanted Grull as the angel of Fate. I think maybe Lagneia came into the picture some time later. But now they are caught and this is good. I wish to interrogate them before you decide to punish them.”

They nodded. Juran then said, “Come with me. I will take you to them.” And they left. Now Abbot cleared his throat and said, “Well Seth, I am happy to say that you have been appointed back as the angel of Fate.” Everyone cheered again. They congratulated him and hugged him. When the hullabaloo was over, Seth said, “Thank you”, and took a letter from Abbot which reinstated him as the angel of Fate.

Seth now turned to DEATH and said, “I want to know who is responsible for all this. I want the name of the person in the upper level administration who caused this.”

DEATH looked at Seth for a long time. Then he said, “Fine come with me. We will go to the correction building. This information has to remain with you and only you. You are not to tell even Io. Do you understand?”

Seth nodded. DEATH turned to the others and said, “Do you all understand too?” Everyone agreed. DEATH then said, “Go back to your houses. You are now free.” Everyone left. Io was reluctant but she left finally. She was the last one to go. After all had gone, Seth and DEATH started towards the correction building.

When they reached there they found the building in a state of chaos. One of the guards saw them and said, “Thank the stars you are here. We were going to call you only. Lord Juran and Mr. X are expecting you in Lord Juran’s office. They have also asked for Seth to be present.”

They now went to Juran’s office. As they entered they saw Juran shouting to some of his sub-ordinates. When he saw them, he dismissed his sub-ordinates and asked them to seat. When they had sat down, Juran said, “Grull and Lagneia have been vaporized.”

“How is this possible? No one had authorized their vaporization. And I am the only one capable of doing vaporization here”, said DEATH.

“Yes, yes we know”, said Juran irritably, “But they somehow were vaporized in their rooms by some outer force which we don’t know about.” They looked at X.

X said, “It seems that the concerned angel is a very strong adversary. He did not want his name to be known. That is understandable.”

Seth asked, “What do we do now?”

Juran frowned, “Well before Grull died, he said only one word, and that was ‘Earth’. I am assuming that the concerned angel, who wishes to overthrow the Administrator, has some plans for the territory Earth.”

“Then we must send one of our angels to Earth immediately”, said Seth standing up.

They nodded. X said, “You are right Seth. Someone should go to Earth. In the meantime, I will now be staying here. I will pursue my investigation from here. Also Seth, I hope you understand when I say that I want someone from the upper level administration to be the angel of Fate, someone who I trust.”

Seth said, “I understand. But I don’t want to be left out in this.”

DEATH said, “Go to Earth then.”

“That is a very good idea”, said Juran, “You will be perfect for this mission Seth.”

“But I just went to Earth recently”, said Seth, “Will it be possible for me to go back so soon?”

DEATH said, “I will take care of it.”

Seth nodded and said, “I am ready then.”

“Good it’s settled then”, said X.

They now had a plan. They knew what they had to do. Seth would be a great asset on Earth. They now left. As Seth walked back to his house, he suddenly started laughing. He muttered, “Io is going to be pissed.”


Submitted: August 25, 2012

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