When The Air Got Heavy

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Ashes reminding her of a flame that once was and it makes the air heavy


The flame had burnt out leaving a trail of ashes in her veins

You asked for her pretty little fears

and she told you like it was 

Addicted to the feeling, she got lost in your whole being. 

Karma had her lashes batting on this love 

But she dared to dance again. 

No day sober from you, from us  

Ashes reminding her of a flame that once was and it makes the air heavy 

Breathing becomes a skilled art to survive. 

Memories come in moments and laughs. 

She must admit She'll always watch you from a distance. 

You are stuck on her cloud 9 even though you are no longer hers. 

Your euphoria touched her lips and left her here Alone and dry. 

She tried to make it work from a distance but you are a shooting star and moved too quick. Out of sight is out of touch but never out of hurt. 

Leave her alone to heal ,let the ashes of your flame not mock her. 

Come down from her pedestal, don't fall from that height. 

She wished you fought harder but she loves you for your honesty. 

Breathing in the ashes of a flame that burnt So bright and fast she inhaled mesmerizing memories that echo a love that once was. 


Submitted: October 04, 2019

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