Natural Disaster

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A freewrite I did 5 years ago in which a girl wants to travel to see her friend and her GPS displays some crazy stuff happening on-screen!

Submitted: July 05, 2015

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Submitted: July 05, 2015



Margo dashed around her living room frantic, looking for her car keys. "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late," she repeated five times. She felt doomed. "Why do I have to lose my keys at a time like this?" she asked the air.

Dixon, her black Lab, gave her a concerned look from his beg on the rug.

After finding her keys under Dixon's extra skin, she was out the door on her way to her interview. All these corporate bloodsuckers could die out for all she cared, but it was better than working with the paste-addicted kids at the elementary school. She no longer fit in there. Not since her last taste of paste.

The interview went well, not too shabby for a teacher of fifteen years, stuck in a kinder-mindset. She felt free to express honest interests and aspirations. The new setting of an interview gave her a head trip. She told of dabbling in the online blog world, rants and raves soon to be popular in the feminist scene. She even shared her desire to get out of the dead end depths of kindergarten teaching because she'd rather be around adults. "Even though you get a bad rep," she said.

Speculation that night led her to dread again. "I ruined my interview and I'm 37 years old."

Dixon made a high-pitched whine.

Not able to sleep, Margo woke up and chatted online with a friend. Delilah lived almost an hour away and they never saw each other. It being only 9 pm, Delilah invited her over for some wine and good riddance to worries. Her chat window sat inviting on the clean monitor. "Ok," Margo typed.

Margo carried Delilah's address out to her old Honda and shut the door behind her. The engine sputtered and started and her navigation system powered up. When she punched in the address, the usual didn't happen. The machine would have declared "In one-tenth of a mile, turn right" in its default fembot voice. No, this time a nightmarish thing happened.

The digital map scrolled up and zoomed out to show the entire route to Delilah's. The blue highlighted route cut through mountains and animated rain that weren't there before. The voice spoke [...unfinished]

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