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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Poetry House


In her eyes burned boldly, 

Oh fire and Gold, 

What wings could not carry, 

Her brave soul can hold, 


Her hair flowed like legends, 

From centuries untold, 

The stardust that courses, 

From her heart unfolds, 


Her lips dripped in crimson, 

From all its candor, 

In her face grew flower beds, 

Tingeing for more, 


No man dared go near her, 

Her force was on rage, 

She was all the reasons, 

The stars got uncaged, 


When you do see her, 

With her flames in her hand, 

Don't let it fool you, 


For though she is a lion, 

Her heart is just like yours, 

It's kept in a box, 

Left in waiting store.




As the moon's ascending, 

Well so do her bold eyes, 

In solitude she braces, 

And darkness shall arise, 


When her fear was a native, 

She wanders all around, 

The beauty that's within her, 

Was too rare to be found, 


Among the grim forest, 

The pack is on its way, 

In shadows, she will lead them, 

In danger she will stay, 


For she is the silver she wolf, 

The one always to dream, 

She might be draped in nightfall, 

But the stars beneath her gleam, 


All the mountains and hilltops, 

They are hers to overcome, 

For when the night is over, 

And the magic has gone too, 


And the she-wolf

You just came to know, 

Is a girl

Just like you.


One Day


???????????? ????????????, I shall come to see

The soul of what I am to be, 

The wishes I have kept in skies

Will be for play upon all eyes


???????????? ????????????, I shall come upon

The place where it all began, 

Where all my gems was just as rough, 

And just my jades were not enough


???????????? ????????????, there'll be so much more, 

The chance for me to seek and soar, 

To be the ones I've dreamt to be, 

The ones this world will awe to see


Today, it's not as far, it seems

From what I'll face to reach my dreams, 

Long live the nights I'll stay awake, 

Long live for me until ???????????????? ????????????


Submitted: March 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 miyo. All rights reserved.

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How lovely this piece of work is.

Tue, March 10th, 2020 2:03am

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