The Man Who Cherished His Love For Her

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A young couple in love, but the relationship is destroyed by addictions

Submitted: January 27, 2009

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Submitted: January 27, 2009



They met 1 1/2 years ago and boy were they infatuated with each other together they flourished into full blown LOVE.. The man looked at her with the expression of desire in his eyes like no other woman mattered or even dare to catch his attention.. As for her she seen him to be the most talented, peaceful, passive and humble being she had ever met he caught her heart with the passion in his kiss, the patience like no other and of course his stunning looks. The man and woman loved to spend ever waking moment with each other even when they slumber. They would be laughing, listening and affection was expressed freely, as the sun set or rose they lay with each other waking together in bliss. Life was happy

The way this man looked at this woman was as if she were an angel, he was proud to bring her around with him, show her to the world and wanted everyone to know how much he loved her. She was beautiful, happy, humble and polite and was always smiling.. She cared for his heart, health and happiness; she nurtured his soul and goals and sensually gave her body and mind to please him with his sexual desires. Together flesh on flesh, lips touched lips she felt exotic as he dominated her she was submissive to his passionate touch ...this was something the man deeply loved her for. Together they were crazy for each other.

The Man was experiencing turmoil in his life, he needed someone, he needed her, she gladly stood beside him patted her shoulder as she told him to lean, she picked him up and they moved onto a new chapter in each of their lives together. The couple moved into a new home it was big had 5 bedrooms, hardwood floors and furniture to fill it they spent many happy days and nights spinning music together, having glorious sex, lots of singing in the shower together they had moved into new surroundings with peace and harmony. Life was blooming.

Over time the Man decided in his heart and mind that this was the girl he wanted to walk through life with. He did not want other women as he loved her to pieces everything about her rocked his world. He cherished her.. He loved her. He wouldn't want anything to happen to her. She was his girl so the man purposed to her, with excitement and tears the girl said yes and they both were beaming with light and love.

As life continued onwards together the couple made some choices that caused major trouble and violation in their happy home thus causing a new change, seeking a new place as they were in danger and financial trouble. They packed their belongings in their yellow Honda Prelude and moved to a nice community far from where they once lived..

Starting a new movement in life another chapter had begun.

The snow was starting to melt, the grass started to grow green and the sun was setting late in the day the season was changing. Like the season the couple as well were seeing changes in their surroundings a new condo, new furniture, new car, new community and a new piece of beauty on the finger of her left hand. With all this change in their life the woman wanted to start building what they had lost. They made some mistakes and some decisions in their past that had effected their relationship. She was thinking about the changes in life and the responsibility that was about to be put onto the couple, marriage was now a factor. She was ready for life. With real love comes great responsibility she thought. In her mind it was time to build life together with prosperity and good health.

The couple were very open to many things, together they took drugs partied and ventured onto many different opportunities thrown at them. Things she did with her man she did not regret but she did want change. A point came in the couple’s relationship where she and he were not seeing eye to eye on certain aspects of their life. As the day’s passed they both went to their jobs to pay the bills life was starting to bring pressure the couple were starting to loose the spark. They had planned a vacation that summer and it had drained their financial stability completely and brought a lot of distress into the not so happy home anymore. She had started to become annoyed with his constant drinking and drug use after numerous conversations with him he clearly was not understanding her concerns. Without money to eat properly he was starting to care less and less about the woman and shortly he became annoyed with her and "dependency on him" he thought.

She was depressed he was stressed they both had forgotten what they had fell in love with eventually the girl had left the man broken and sad. The man broke her trust, was dishonest and lost respect for the woman's wishes she left him to think about what he desired in life and gave him time to figure out what was most important as his priorities and the lack of respect for their relationship was causing much damage to their life. The woman no longer knew what he wanted in life was it the drugs? was it life with her? With her heart broken she had to find a way to save the relationship she needed to know, if he could not open his eyes and see the harm he was doing to himself and their relationship she had no other choice than to leave him on his own to think about what was most important to him which path was he seeking? His love for his soon to be wife or the path of the party scene which he has lead for most of his life. This was the last thread of the couple’s relationship.

The man spent many days in condo alone with no furniture to sit on, no dishes to eat on, or food in the cupboards but most of all he did not have his companion, his other half to his soul. With the bills piling up and the stress of where he was going to live and with the thoughts of what he had lost everything became more of a reality he took action and gathered his belongings to find a new residence to live.

The woman, broken hearted without her man wept in her bedroom at her parents house living out of a laundry basket as the couples entire life was locked away in a steel bin she cried many days and many nights hoping her man would figure things out and make everything better... she still wore the ring on her finger as she still believed in her heart that they would one day make it down that isle together. She did not leave him in her heart; she never did since day one. She had always been loyal to him never lied, never cheated, and always stayed true. What she did is she gave him tough love, as love was what she always felt for him and still cared for him and his soul she did not want to loose hope.

A month passed by the woman occasionally would visit the man at his new place, but slowly he was fading away, she could feel it in her heart but did not want to believe, she thought he was stronger than that and would not give up. Eventually he had made his decision and the man gave up he could not fix the bad and make everything better he did not want to take the steps as a man and try to get his woman back instead he took his ring back and abandoned her heart for reasons she will never understand. The confused man closed himself off and did not have the energy to mend the broken heart. He no longer cherished the love they once had as he wanted life as it was before he met her.

She wept and slept...worked and cried some more as the months passed this time for the first time in her life she understood the feeling of a broken heart. She mourn the loss of her love, as if his soul left this earth ....she did not want to let him go she did everything in her power to snap him out of it. She ALWAYS loved him and wanted to care for him. The man eventually let himself go pushed her away and started using drugs again it was clear he had chosen the party life rather than the love he once had cherished.

The woman did not dare to think or believe that he had actually abandoned her. But the Truth is.......He let her out of his heart long ago. Now bruised, broken, and bitter the woman has lost a part of herself. Feeling disgusting and not wanted the broken woman slipped into severe depression. "Was it all just the drugs? Was I worth the change? Was I was asking for to much?" was the life I wanted unreasonable? The woman kept asking herself over and over again. "Why did I love him if he did not value me? Would a man with real love have changed everything and did everything in his power to fix our broken life? Or is it normal for him to fail and abandon our life together? No matter how hard the situation got he left me and pushed me out of his heart. No matter how hard the circumstances were he took the easy route and gave up on our love. In the end did he care about me?” The woman thought “would he do whatever it takes to make sure I was happy and have me in his arms again?" The woman pondered non stop driving herself crazy trying to understand the workings of a feeling she was experiencing for the first time. The struggle of the broken hearted.

The woman would ask herself “how special am I?” Everyday the girl would question her existence on earth and kept trying to believe that she could love herself again. She would say “If a man says he loves me, why did he not give everything he had to be with me and make everything ok?" Still confused but still in love the Girl just accepted that this man did not want her in his life and felt he did not love her anymore so she changed her phone number and severed him from her life as it was to hard on her to keep reminding herself of the loss that she has suffered, seeing him move on was another crack in the heart that had already shattered.

The woman dusted herself off and lifted her spirit from the ground where she laid with feelings of filth and disgust of herself. She wiped her eyes, swept up the shattered remains of her heart from up off the floor and started mending them back together. She is confused as to what just happened in the last year and 1/2 of her life...

She went to work, had drinks with the girls, and started to feel better but only a little bit as the man she once was engaged to was still lingering in her mind every breathing moment. He never left her mind no matter how hard she tried to push him out she still loved him very much and desired him more than any other man on the planet. She would think of him before she rest at night, she would try to imagine the way his lips would feel on hers, how seductive he was to her, she missed the soft touch of his skin, it was he who she desired. Eventually she would fall asleep with dreams of being happy once again.

As time passed one day the woman decided she could not bare the absence of his voice from her life. She felt that she must write him a letter of love, so she got out her nice flower patterned paper, a pen with ink and bled out her love on paper sealing it with a kiss and her fragrance hoping she would hear from him again. She drove to his house one day after work and stuck the love letter in the door of his van anxious to hear from him.

The man carried on with his life hanging out in the bars, spinning music with his friends, like most men his sexual desires obviously needed to be attended to since he let the girl out of his heart, his desires for her were no longer with him and he lost respect for himself. "I had lost the woman I once loved so why care who I sleep with?" He thought. The man continued with his life as if she never existed he had started relations with a few different women.

The man and woman started talking again. Cuddling and passionate sex, feelings of love were filling each others hearts again, at this point the man had already slept with a few different women, but did not tell his former fianc until a week passed but only explaining that he had relations with one woman. She was furious, her heart had broke once again and her eyes full of tears but........she forgave him and allowed him to come back into her life not knowing that he had just lied to her about the other ladies he had tasted.

The man had lied to her over and over again broke the woman's heart numerous times and had broken the 3 virtues of a healthy relationship trust, honesty, and respect. Somehow the woman still felt unconditional love for him. The woman had never told a lie to the man, she always came home to him, cared about his soul and health, tried to make him happy, trusted him with her heart and respected his dreams and tried to be a part of them as she cautiously held his heart in her hand’s. To this day she still does not understand what she did wrong. She just wanted to be loved.

Once upon a time there was a man who cherished his love for her..

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