An Urban Fantasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about a guy that lives a relative normal life until strange things starts to happen to him. Why does he have different eye color when he is angry?

A girl I never have seen before bend herself forwards and kissed me on my lips. I felt her soft lips touching mine. I blushed. The girl slowly moved back, but continues to look at me.
“I tried to make him blue, but I only succeeded to make him red” she said and she left.

“Have you got contacts?” My locker neighbor asked me after the lecture.
“Then you got really cool eyes.”
“What, are you a fan of ordinary brown eyes.” It sounded a lot harsher then it was meant to.
“Brown? You have light blue, no ice blue that is a better description.”
I now started to think she was the one that were joking me around.
I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.
“What the hell.” I shout out in chock. My eyes had shifted to a ice blue color.

Table of Contents


Prologue I heard footsteps; they were very close to the house. I hurried to pack my bag; there were only a few things left to pack b... Read Chapter

Chapter 1 (The start)

Chapter 1 The start I opened my eyes. Wooded ceiling? What was that all about? Then I remembered that I was not in the small apartme... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 (What a kiss can do)

Chapter 2 What a kiss can do She felt a breeze through her hair and felt how perfect everything is right now. She leaned back for a ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 (What is my trigger?)

Chapter 3 What is my trigger? This weekend Jack hade Football practice and Eric were going to a gallery opening and I didn´t want to... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 (The incident )

Chapter 4 The incident I lay on the grass and relaxed while looking at the sun. That’s was when a shadow crossed my face. This time... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 (A tattoo for free)

Chapter 5 A tattoo for free It had now passed two weeks since the incident in the gym. I had been very careful to not do anything at ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 (Something is happening)

Chapter 6 Something is happening “NO NO NO, this can´t keep on happen to me.” “What?” “I…” I stopped talking a... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 (Breakfast the most important meal )

Chapter 7 Breakfast the most important meal I looked out through the window, the sun was shining and it looked like it had done it fo... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 (A lot of information)

Chapter 8 A lot of information When we were back in Jack´s room we decided to look for more clues from the other tattoos. “I h... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 (Black out)

Chapter 9 Black out At the end of the day I went the exit gate as usually with Jack, but this time there were someone standing and li... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 (Fairy tale)

Chapter 1 Fairy tale I had so many questions and finally I was going to get a answer for some of them. "We are not human; I thin... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 (An impossible child)

Chapter 1 An impossible child   “Thank you for telling me all this.” I was really grateful for finally get some answers.... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 (The magic training)

Chapter 1 The magic training She suddenly stopped and hunched. I stopped right next to her to see what she was looking at. It was a l... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 (Flying)

Chapter 1 Flying It was such an amazing Experian’s. I have always liked fast cars, because I felt so free. Flying breaks that ten t... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 (Home Sweet Home)

Chapter 14 Home Sweet Home   When I was finally home after five hours of flying, it went a lot faster than I expected, proba... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 (Boring everyday life)

Chapter 15 Boring everyday life    I had talked of three hours when I was close to the end. Eric had now knows abo... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 (Date, Date, Date)

Chapter 16 Date, Date, Date   This is actually the first time I will go to a date and now I was starting to panic. All the c... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 (The other side)

Chapter 17 The other side   I got myself ready for a fight. I focused my mind and was ready to unseal all the tattoo´s... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 (Blood spill)

Chapter 18 Blood spill   “You must be kidding. I am no Vampire and I definitely don´t drink blood. That is discussin... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 (Is it not nightbreak soon?)

Chapter 19 Is it not nightbreak soon? “I don´t want to chose side. I just want to go home and live a relative normal life.”... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 (Teeth ache)

Chapter20 Teeth ache While I was flying I remembered that my mother was home now, I couldn´t get home looking like this, so I decide... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 (New look)

Hi everyone! Sorry that it took so long. I have been working much and been beat when I got home. But now a new chapter is finally... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 (Annie has a sister)

Chapter 22 Annie has a sister   Back to Jasper´s point of view When I woke up the next morning, I found myself under Ja... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 (Second date?)

Chapter 23 Second date?   When we were sitting in Annie´s room, she studied my eyes. “Contacts, can I lend you bathro... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 (Pandora´s box)

Hi everyone! I am now back with a new chapter. Sorry the wait. School was much tougher in the start then I thought that is would be. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 (Let’s not go to war)

Chapter 25 Let’s not go to war   When I was back at the village. I saw a girl that I recognized. "Excuse me, do y... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 (Black mail)

Chapter 26 Black mail I woke up and didn´t recognize the room at first, but I soon I saw that I was in the same little house I ... Read Chapter