The star of roses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

I am a guy, named Gabriel, that let my friend Lubitza dragged me out on a blind date with one of her friends. She was so eager that she even brought concert tickets to us.The date turned out bad. The day after however I got a Purple rose in my locker. After that my life were never the same.

Table of Contents

The star of roses

I am a guy, named Gabriel, that let my friend Lubitza dragged me out on a blind date with one of her friends. She was so eager that she even brought concert tickets to us.The date turned out bad. The day after however I got a Purple rose in my locker. After that my life were never the same. Read Chapter

Chapter 2 I woke up early the next day. Not early exactly, but early for me. I didn´t have to run to school to be in time. I even ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 At first I didn´t see anything, but when I opened the door some more I saw all my books lying on the floor. Nothing seemed... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 It has been a week since the strange day, when I got the flowers. I have actually spent some time in there; it gave some ca... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 We didn´t talk at all during the time the song was playing on the radio. When the song ended Brandon told the driver, who ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 After that Lubitza left I went to bed, but I couldn´t get my mind to rest. I had never thought how hard this was for him. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 Indeed, there was a white limo standing on the parking lot. All the other cares seemed too diapered in comparison, even Tim... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 Brandon’s POINT-OF-VIEW When I saw Gabriel black out I was wondering if I really had made the right choice. “Yo... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 Back to Gabriel’s POINT-OF-VIEW I felt very comfortable lying in this bed. To be honest it was much more comfortable ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 “So what is this job anyway?” If I could get out of this house by doing something small it could be worth it. But my g... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 I was actually looking forward to this photo shoot, even if it actually meant the end of my normal life. It was a job that... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 When we are back at the house after the photo shoot and just entered through the door Brandon looked me straight into my e... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 On the cinema screen had end text started to roll. “Is it okay…with you…if we continue….this in the bedroom?... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 Back to Gabriel’s point-of-view This time at the photo shoot I felt a little more comfortable with the situation. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 Lubitza´s point-of-view It knocked on the door. I was cocking diner in the kitchen, when I had took out the spoon fro... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 The next day when I went to school, I couldn´t understand that everything was just like normal. After everything that hap... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 The week was getting by really slowly. All the days looked the same. 1.Over sleep 2.Locker finding a purple rose ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 “Seen what?” I asked her. She showed me the front page of a magazine. There I was in the blue kimono. I hadn´t se... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 Blond fan girl´s point-of-view Friday I know that Gabriel had much more information about Brandon than he is... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 Back to Gabriel´s point-of-view I was on my way home; the school has ended for a long time ago I stayed late to do an... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 The blond fan girl´s point-of-view “I think I did something stupid before.” I said to my best friend. I told ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 Back to Gabriel´s point of view When I opened my eyes I couldn´t see a thing. Everything was white and a little... Read Chapter

Hi! Sorry for the long wait. Now it is here and I hope you will enjoy it. LOVE mizzic89 PS. Check out the message in the end.... Read Chapter

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the comments and questions. I used all of them in this chapter. I hope you will like it. M... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 When we where home again. We..Hehe..Times have changed since we first met. I never thought that Brandon and I were... Read Chapter

Hi everyone! I am now back with a new chapter. Sorry the wait. School was much tougher in the start then I thought that is would be. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 I woke up with Brandon´s arms around me. I felt the warmth from his body. I don´t think I have never felt this happy bef... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 I couldn´t believe that I was going to see the world and together with the man that I loved. This was like a dream come t... Read Chapter

Chapter 29 ”Everyone this is Gabriel, my boyfriend. Please be nice to him.” Brandon said after that he had let go of me. Ever... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 After Emma had left the room Brandon looked at me as if he would eat me up. “Brandon, don´t do anything funny here.... Read Chapter

Chapter 31 When we arrived to the hotel was the first time since the concert that I was reminded that Brandon was famous. There was a... Read Chapter

Chapter 32 When I got to the restaurant at the hotel everyone was already there. Brandon was chatting with the drummer and it looked... Read Chapter

Chapter 33 The arena was huge. There will be a lot of people on this concert. I felt so small standing there and looking at the th... Read Chapter

Chapter 34 When I was standing in the elevator and listened to the music that felt it was laughing at me. The walls with mirrors s... Read Chapter

Chapter 35   The last preparations for the concert where now made. Brandon where getting his make-up done. “Do you fee... Read Chapter

Chapter 36   Things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. The police couldn't prove that we were telling the truth. The only... Read Chapter

Chapter 37 After being home for a week I was finally able to relax. I don't know why by I always looked over my shoulder when I was a... Read Chapter