One direction, one girl, five friends part 1

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A fanfiction about one direction and their lovelifes.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



I've been sitting on my bed for ages and I can't stop thinking about that girl that showed up at our signing last week
Her hair was long and curly and her eyes were hazel just like mine, only prettier
God how I wish I could see her again..
The only thing is that she just said ''hi Zayn!'' to me, but talked to Harry like they were a couple or something.. I even got really mad at Harry and he didn't even know why

*Hears knocking on the door*
Zayn: ''Yes?''
Harry: ''It's me, can I come in?''
Zayn: ''Yeah, doors open''
Harry: ''Hey.. I've been wondering the whole time but I can't seem to understand why you're so mad at me''
Zayn: ''I.. I don't know, well I do, but it's weird to tell and you will laugh at me''
Harry: "I won't mate, you know that''
Zayn: ''Well, there is this girl..''
Harry: ''Ooo a girl you say, our little Zayn is in love''
Zayn: ''No, no, listen to me Harry, this is serious''
Harry: ''I'm sorry..'' *still grins like an idiot*
Zayn: ''She was at our signing last week and she was like really stunning and I got distracted but the only thing she said to me was ''hi Zayn!'', but you two looked really comfy so I kinda got jealous'' *blushes*
Harry: ''Haha mate! why didn't you tell me? I always flirt with the girls at our signings, but I would never hit on anyone you like if you just told me''
Zayn: ''I wanted to, but then I thought that I don't just own every pretty girl that shows up at our signings''
Harry: ''We're gonna find you that girl, I'll call the other lads to come over''

*Picks up his phone after hearing what makes you beautiful as his ringtone*
Niall: ''Aye mate, I was just about to call you''
Harry: ''Why did you pick up so late, you were listening to yourself singing again, weren't you?''
Niall: ''Maybe, maybe not.. but what's up harold, what ya calling for?''
Harry: ''It's Zayn, he needs us, I'm at his hotel room right now, you lads coming?''
Niall: ''Sure, we'll be there in 5''

Harry: ''They are on their way, I'm sure we can help you find her, do you know anything about her?''
Zayn: ''No.. I don't even know her name'' *looks down on his watch and starts playing with it*
Harry: ''You can't describe her or something, what did she look like?''
Zayn: ''Beautiful, stunning, pretty, sexy, cute.. is that enough or should I go on?''
Harry: ''Try and add some details please, there are many pretty ladies out there and Harry Edward Styles doesn't know them all huh Zaynie''
Zayn: *laughs without making any sound* ''No need to be acting funny now hazza, but I can try to describe her.. She was wearing a grey one shoulder dress with a denim jacket on top of it and it had like spikes or how do you call it? on her jacket and her smile, let's not forget about her smile.. she has the prettiest teeth and the cutest laugh ever and.....''
Harry: ''Okay okay Zayn you sound like you're in love with that girl, and you can't be in love with someone you don't know''
Zayn: ''I know, but let me finish, she had her hair up in a messy bun but still classy. And she had hazel eyes like me, only much prettier and she had amazing legs when she walked around on those cute heels''
Harry: ''She does sound perfect, reminds me of a girl''
Zayn: ''What? Who? Did you meet someone?''
Harry: ''Well.. yeah.. kinda..''
Zayn: ''What?! TELL ME''
Harry: ''Haha I met her at our concert two months or something ago, she also had hazel eyes but she had her hair down and she was wearing an amazing red dress and she gave me her number so we've been hanging out for a while''
Zayn: ''Oooh really and you haven't even told me, I won't forget it Harry''
Harry: ''Nooo I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but that signing where you saw that girl, where was it?''
Zayn: ''In Bradford, my home town hehe, why mate?''
Harry: ''She was there and now she's here in LA''

I'm pretty sure Zayn and I are talking about the same girl, but I'm not gonna tell him.. he just has to find it out himself. Just that moment there were people shouting in front of the door.

Harry: ''How funny Louis'' as he opened the door
Louis: ''Ahh shoot, I thought you would believe''
Niall: ''Sooo, what's the problem guys?''
Liam: ''Did the Bradford bad boy break his mirror again?'' *laughs at his own joke*
Zayn: ''Really funny, no, it's a girl''
Louis: ''You broke a GIRL? Zayn?!''
Zayn: ''Guys, I didn't break my mirror OR a girl, I just saw a girl at our signing and I like her but I don't even know her''
Louis & Niall: "Ohhh mate, you always like girls that show op at our signings''
Zayn: ''No, for real this time, I like.. really wanna get to know her''
Liam: ''So you're finally over Perrie and ready to start something new?'' *sighs of relieve*
Zayn: ''Perrie and I are friends, not more, not less, so yeah I'm over her''
Louis: ''About time.. but what do you want to do now? Find that girl?''
Zayn: ''Well, yeah..''
Harry: ''How will we ever find her with all those girls out there?''
Zayn: ''What? You were the one that told me to go and look for her with help of you guys, you're backing out now?''
Harry: ''No, but... yeah I don't know, it's hard to find her mate''
Zayn: ''You just don't want me to find her, thanks Harry, you're a real good friend''

*walks out of the hotel room*
He's so selfish, he always wants me to find a great girl that fits me and now that I've found someone I wanna get to know, he's backing out.. what an idiot.
As I was walking through the hotel I saw this girl standing by the elevator, wait is that..
omg it's her! I'll just walk up to her and say hi or something

Zayn: ''Hey!''
Aaliyah: ''Omg, you're Zayn!'' *stares*
Zayn: ''Aha yeah, and you are?
Aaliyah: ''Uhm, I am.. yeah uhh who am I? Oh, Aaliyah that's my name!''
Zayn: ''You don't have to be nervous or shy babe'' *grins*
Aaliyah: ''I'm sorry, I'm not used to famous people talking to me haha''
Zayn: ''Are you staying at this hotel or?''
Aaliyah: ''Yeah, you too?''
Zayn: ''Yes, me and the lads''
Aaliyah: ''Oh wait, so Harry's here too?''

Suddenly she was glowing and all. Did she know Harry or was it just me?


To be continued.. also on my blog:

I'm just writing for fun so don't judge me.

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