Escape from Reality

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To escape into fantasy, to take that wild ride where the only limits are your imagination... do you dare..?


I love reading and must admit that my preference runs towards horror books, especially writers like Dean Koonts, Anne Rice and Stephen King.

Personally, I live a rather dull life and I am certain you can understand why I would love reading. Especially the above mentioned three writers’ books. Their imagination is so vivid and entrancing, I can escape into the worlds and people they weave. To me it is all about escapism.

Escape from my life, get up, go to work, endure all the crap that people offer, go home, go to sleep and repeat the same story tomorrow again, and again and again... DULL, in capital letters!

Tonight, as I am sitting on my couch watching TV, my thoughts start wandering and I must admit, I do tend to have a lively imagination every now and again. However, as I am sitting on my couch I start wondering, what if I could really escape? They say the mind is a powerful tool and what if I could utilise that part of my mind? I am certain it is the part where all our imaginative thoughts spring forth from. What if I could focus all my energy into that fountain where virtually every thought can take on a life of its own? I could live real adventures in my mind while sitting very safe and sound on my own couch at home!

No surprise there! I am certain you have guessed it by now... I am a total coward. Too scared to dare to do anything exiting for fear of getting hurt or humiliating myself!

However, this unfortunate side of my character does not deter me from having dreams about being the heroine in a wildly exiting adventure. Also, it gives me the freedom of time and space in my hands, because as I’ve said, it is my imagination, my dream... if only I knew how to access that part of my brain to unleash the Tomb Raider in me!

So, I am sitting on my couch and I have this sudden feeling that if I would close my eyes right now, I would become me in another dimension, another time and place... if I dared to close my eyes...

A huge leap of faith, that would be what I would be doing if I closed my eyes... but what if... what if I were unable to come back to reality? Would it be possible to get stuck in this place? Is this not the same place where coma patients go when they become unresponsive to reality???

This is important, I do have a life, albeit a dull and boring life, it does have its moments and I do have people that love and care for me.

But, this specialist on TV in "Making Millionaires" just said the magic words: "Life is a leap of faith and if you don’t dare, you will never win big!"

I can score big if I can enter this imaginative reality and depart from it safely back into real life.

I have never before in my life taken a chance, a leap of faith, a leap of anything! Do I want to die not having known the risk of taking a leap of faith???


Well, here goes nothing, I am closing my eyes....

I am now going to open my eyes, I am, truly I am...

"Hey you stupid twit! You can’t go to sleep in the middle of the road!"

My eyes shoot open! I am there! I am there! Oh, crap, where am I? I don’t know, but I should calm down and figure it out, because I do not know the rules of the Imaginative Reality yet. Will I be invincible or does the possibility exist that if I am hurt in here that I will be hurt on the outside world as well??

Holy cow! I really did it, I am in the Imaginative Reality!! Do you get it?! The Imaginative Reality!! I’m cool, yeah, I’m cool!! Believe it or not, I just swaggered! Little dull and boring old me, just swaggered!

OK, OK, so I should get on with it. Take a deep breath, remember to release that deep breath and then move your ass out of the middle of the road and out of harms way.

I take a look at my surroundings and it sort of appears to be familiar or at least partly so, I just need to get my bearings, maybe get a look at a newspaper or something to see exactly when and where I am. OK, found a newspaper booth. Wow! How weird was that, I was just thinking about a newspaper booth and one materialised on the street corner! Or was it there and I just didn’t notice it until now? I did say that I have a vivid imagination...

OK, so get the newspaper. Done... and the date, Ladies and Gentlemen is... whoa! Today’s date, 17 August 2003! So there goes that idea that I would enter another time dimension.

Well, now that I know the date, let me try and find out where and what am I. Obviously I am going to be a stunning young individual with defining taste in clothing. (Yes, I am a clothes horse in the real world.)

Back to business, I have got to find a mirror, I need to see what I look like in here! Amazing, I did not notice all the mirrors before now? Weird, I always notice mirrors. Jip, you’ve got it, I am truly a vain person on top of it.

I do look beautiful, fine golden curly hair framing an oval shaped face with huge brown doe eyes sloped at the outsides with a small nose and a generous mouth. I’ve got long, slightly muscular legs combined with an exquisitely well proportioned body. I did say that I was certain to be a stunner, this is after all, my imagination!

OK, now I am sounding like Anne Rice as she is forever extolling the virtues and pleasures of the exquisitely beautiful vampire Lestat.

Sudden darkness with a full moon rising... have I conjured the beautiful and definitely vain vampire Lestat from Anne Rice’s books? Is that why it is suddenly night time when it was definitely daytime only a moment ago? If that is the fact here, then I, as a mortal being might just be in deep, deep crap!

"Oh my, oh my, what a predicament we find ourselves to be in"

The throaty purr of these sudden spoken words, when all along its been only me babbling, is almost too much to bear. But, this is my Imaginative Reality and it appears that I can shape it with my thoughts and words... I hope.

I turn around and to my utter amazement, it is the vampire Lestat leaning against the window of a small jewellery shop, smiling very charmingly at me. Trying to stop the tremors running through me, especially my legs, I very tentatively smile back at him.

"Cat got your tongue my little one? I have been enjoying this very imaginative, is that the word? patter of yours, so don’t stop now, not on my behalf!"

He was making fun of me! I breathed a sigh of relief (maybe too quick??) If he liked my nonsensical patter, then maybe my mortal ... Hah, this is Imaginative Reality! Mine! I was not mortal in here, so no "Bloodsucking" on my neck, thank you and la-di-da!

As my thoughts were forming he was changing into someone, or something else...

I must not let my fears overwhelm me, in here I am the heroine! Keep thinking that and stay strong you coward!

The beautiful throaty purr didn’t change, however, and it purred in my ear again: "What are you doing in here? Why have you invaded my home? What is your purpose? Do you even know?"

Trembling still, I asked: "What are you, where did Lestat go?"

As if I would have been safer with a vampire...?! How ridiculous? Or was it, did they not say: "Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t"?

"Lestat is a fiction of your imagination that you have projected onto me when you heard me speak the first time. I am in actual fact without shape, I am your thoughts, your imagination I can become. So choose, and I will become, but let me caution you, be careful what you wish for..."

Now, is that a dare or what?

I did mention to you at the onset that I love horror books, I devour them, and although you might not think so, Mr Dean Koonts is my all time favourite writer since the very first time I read his book "Lighting". His imagination is truthfully the most astonishing and intriguing I have ever come across. On top of it, he writes about people like you and me, normal, boring people.

I have so often wished to be the heroine in one of his books, because when he puts them on paper, they are so endearingly real and they become the best and strongest and most beautiful of human beings, of God’s creations, as I am certain we were meant to be initially. To be one of Mr Koonts’ creations, would be to become all that God wanted us and I am sure, meant for us to become.

"Bruno Frye"

The name whispered so suddenly nearly gives me a heart attack. He was one of the most vile characters ever portrayed, even in a horror book.

"Bruno Frye, would you like to meet him? Can I introduce you to him." The amorphous shape of my "companion" was changing into the hulking mass that my mind’s eye have conjured of Bruno Frye as described by Dean Koonts. (Bruno Frye was killed, no pulverised, by a truck and due to certain genetic manipulationbecame part human and part reptile and was still evolving into who knows what.)

Shit scared, even more scared than I was of Lestat, that is what I am now. Who will I conjure, can I conjure someone or something else to save me from this monster, or better yet, can I become someone strong enough to beat Bruno Frye? This game was becoming scarier by the thought. I never knew my thoughts were so scary and so dangerous.

But, hold the fort, this is my Imaginative Reality, I could change things with my thoughts, so picture this, with every step Bruno Frye gives towards me, he melts, like wax from a candle. Maybe I should think of something that melts quicker because he is coming closer and much too closer... don’t panic now, think, think harder! OK, got it, I see myself glowing, my hair jumping around my face, I am on fire!!! No, you idiot, you are the fire! Do you want to kill yourself by pure stupidity or what?!

OK, so I have become fire and flames and as Bruno Frye growlingly envelopes me in a bone crushing hug, I just melt through him and stare in amazement at the mewling, melting mass on the ground where Bruno Frye had been just moments ago.

Exhilarated I shout: "Score! The annialator has been annialated!"

I was getting into the swing of things by now and was only in a very small way still afraid of the amorphous being that I have encountered that could read and become my thoughts. But familiarity breeds contempt and I am just stupid enough to go there.

Have you ever tried, consciously, not to think of something bad and scary, like at night when you lie in bed, all alone with darkness and its unfamiliar sounds your only companions? Well, then you know, how hard it is to keep your mind calm and controlled so as not to be scared witless by all the sounds the night makes. It is like an involuntary muscle spasm, there is no stopping it!

Now I have an absolute compulsive mind, wandering where ever it likes to and also where I don’t like it to go either. But, I am inventive and strong willed sometimes and I was trying my utmost to will myself into a lovely situation. One where I could be the object of someone’s affections and of course beautiful and expensive gifts. So what if I couldn’t take it with me back to the real world, don’t they always say: "It is the thought that counts"?

Well, of course, these thoughts brought to mind a dangerously handsome dark haired heroic villain. See, I have always been attracted to the dangerous types, the ones that could be both, never just good or bad. Piercing silvergrey eyes and a beautiful, if somewhat cruel mouth. Can you imagine this, an absolute "droolbabes" and he was all mine, ‘cause this is my Imaginative Reality!!!

But of course, as most good things in life, it couldn’t last and his silvergrey eyes smoldered into a blackness that no light could pierce and the whispered endearments turned into savagely vicious threats and the tenderness of his touch changed into biting talons trying to pierce my skin.

I cry out in fright, disappointment weighing my mind down from reacting quickly to this new transformation. With my stomach in my mouth my thoughts frame my release and he disappears in a whiff of smoke.

This is the story of my life. Meet Mr Dangerously Handsome and Attractive, fall like a ton of bricks for him, he either tries to abuse me financially, physically or emotionally and I then make him disappear like a "never been there".

I think now is as good a time as any to find my way back to Reality. This is no longer any fun, because with a wicked imagination like mine that would rather make me suffer than enjoy what could be, I would rather go home. Back to my couch, my TV, my life. So OK, where is the door? How do I get back?

Doors, doors, doors, of all shapes, colours and sizes. Just what I need to make my day! A thousand doors and only one leads home...

Well, seeing as my amorphous companion likes my patter so, here goes nothing...

As I reach out towards the first door, sudden fear grips me around the heart. What if... what if death and destruction lies behind this door, if I die, will I cease to exist here and what will happen in my real life? Will I just pop back into it, or will I just collapse and be dead for real?

The thought is so frightening, I can almost feel myself freezing up like an icicle, but then that nauseating always positive part of me perks up and I feel like: "What if there is life and excitement behind that door? Adventures like those of Sinbad the Sailor’s? Yeah... and maybe, just maybe, home lies behind door number one.

So... here goes nothing... and everything! I am reaching out to the door, I am touching the handle, I am pushing the handle down, the door creaks opens a little way... There is a sudden brilliant light blinding me from the other side of the door and several hands suddenly grabs at me and starts pulling me through the door... I shout out in fright and start kicking and screaming while trying to hold on to the door, but to no avail, whatever has grabbed a hold of me is strong and relentlessly pulls me through...

And suddenly I am on my couch, in front of my TV, in my house with my mother and daughter both trying to wake me up by shaking me gently.

Laughing out loud with relief I try to tell them what just happened, but all they do is shake their heads and say: "It was just a dream, there is nothing like an Imaginative Reality"

But, I know we know better, you were there with me. Wanna go again sometime soon?

Submitted: July 23, 2007

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Doc Scurlock

Welcome to Booksie, first off. A fascinating subject for discussion here: I personally find that reality and fantasy contribute to one another to the improvement of each, but then my grip on reality has always been rather lax. Good work here.

Thu, July 26th, 2007 12:57pm


Thank you for the welcome, much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed my little fantasy. I wrote this about 3 years ago and haven't made time to write again, which I am dying to do, there's just not time right now.. ;(

Fri, July 27th, 2007 5:37am

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