To Undo the Heavy Burden....

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This artical is just a brain storming thoughts of ideas and thoughts regarding the political and social economy for one living near the American Indian reservation.

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



I'm a person who believes in the system. I believe that all is well controlled in Washington and that our form of government has acheived huge successes in our economy, military and other areas of moving a nation. Presidents have prevented nuclear wars, world wars and have brokered peace among various nations for years. We have seen the Camp David accords for years sustain peace among Egypt and Israel. Panama Canel was returned to the Panamanias with little discourse of public humiliation. Liberation of those in Asia and Europe have been sucessful including the Central America.

Now we can ask, are we giving the public a better transition? Are we giving the American public its full measure? I believe our nation is tired from wars and working hard to see little results in their labors. Its not so much taxes raised or lowered but the end results. Are we willing the war on poverty launched in the 1960s? Why has it seemed Peace Corps is not giving peace in the Middle East. Why has the Space program Shuttle ended after being promised that the Shuttle would be safe proof and only then loosing 14 professinal astronauts. Why are we still seeing the deteriation of our inner cities, blue collar jobs leaving America to only return in foreign products bought by the American unemployed public? Now is the time to say: Ok we will fight back, push back, write back and even vote back what is important to the founding of our republic. We will now ask again in the next election, our time will grow and we will develop a new generation for 400 million Americans. We will grade our conduct today to only give more resources to help those who should not be without employed. Older Americans are talking about their lack of education or not qualified enough.

We need to look internally and externally for the truth to set us free from the bonds of social depression gripping our foundation. We will survive only as long as we trust ourself and give back quality to our public.


Mark Marquez

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