Ella's lonely life

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Ella makes a life decision
that end her life ..............................

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011











“WHAT WAS I THINKING” Ella roared, after coming out of the club………. 



Ella was walking down the windy road thinking how she will be able to survive NO money NO family or friends. The only amount of money she was carrying in her pocket was about $20. 

Ella though about her past life. Memories flash past as the wind flashes through her face and hair. Mum and dad coming back home late shouting about why they shouldn’t choice the other. Ella used to cry and cry all night long.

After all the thoughts she wished shouldn’t ran way from home and to live this lonely, dark life on the streets.


Ella thought deeply about what she should do follow her parent’s path or just stay on the dark and lonely path. Hours came past; Ella had no decision but to GAMBLE...


Jeerom Hotel was near by so she entered with her wet, cold hooded jacket. She went to sit next to the street bully “Razz….”


Time tick tocked past, when Ella walked out of the hotel door she had a smile on her.

She earned $185. She thought it was the best thing that happened to her but it was going to become a nightmare.


Ella first spent the money on some thing to eat but didn’t waste a lot off the money. Than Ella was left with $180.The next day she was so happy that she wasn’t tired to play netball. After playing Ella went into the hotel, but she promised her self that will be the last time.


After she came out she earned $50.The next day Ella entered the hotel again but this time she owed $190!!! Also that was the only amount she had so she gave it away or she would have had to go back to the dark jail.  


Weeks went past, Ella was starving. She thought about the gambling. Ella than entered the club. But didn’t come out… after a few hours Ella came running out, she had looked like that she felt like killing herself.


Ella had to pay some flares “hundreds” where on earth would she get that amount of money.




The next day Ella packed her small, useless bag and went to Tama St and sang and sand all day in the middle of a lonely path. She earned about 2 dollars and sent. So she though instead of going back to Zab St she will camp on the path. When Ella slept she cried and cried about how she could owe the man $850. She thought to rob a bank but it would be worse if the police caught her. 


There was no way on earth for her to pay the money. When Ella woke up she saw the rich well dressed ‘Good Looking’ young man. The second Ella looked at him she fell in love and her heart was melted like chocolate. When he came past her he dropped 5 $2 coins into the round smelly hat and gave her a cherry smile.

Ella has never felt that way about a man before expect in primary school but he hated her he gave her a punch right in the face. That smile had just made Ella’s day much better. But she still hadn’t forgotten about the tragic that had happen to her which will certainly end her life.


When Ella was sitting on her poor less chair she saw a old, well dressed lady who came past this was Ella’s chance to go and grab her wallet and take the money. It was at night so no one saw, so Ella stood slowly and slide a stick in front of her leg so she can trip and she did. Ella went to the lady and asked if she was okay. When ella was helping her stand up she held her bye the side and grabbed her hand bag and run as fast as she can. Her heart was pumping as fast as never before. Ella felt so bad and felt like returing it back to the old lady. She could hear the lady shouting for help. Ella run to a place she never knew about. So she slept near the garbage bin at the back of a building.


When Ella woke up she found her self inside of the good looking mans house. He said ‘what on earth were you doing at the back of the house.’

‘um… sorry’ she mumbled as if she was a lovely no gambler young girl.

They sat and were talking and drinking hot chocolate for hours.


Than jack turned on the TV on, than ella looked at the TV and it said there was a gambler on loess!! Ella’s heart was beating like a wheel on a race trace. Ella grabbed the remote and turned the TV off.


Jack and Ella went out to lunch in this beautiful French restraint. Ella has never ate and felt so cared or loved by someone accept for her parents. When Ella was walking back home, the man Ella had to pay to the guy pointed at her and said ‘HEY, that’s her’ ella and told jack to run as fast as you can.

When they arrived into the house Ella could hear the loud siren of the police. The police came thundering into the door and said ‘hands up’


Ella was in the kitchen because that was the first place she ran to. Behind her was the kitchen tools draw she quietly opened it and took the knife out. The police came near to Ella and jack said ‘wait, what on earth this girl did to you’

‘She owes money’ Ella grabbed the knife out and showed it to them and said

Jack I love you’ and stabbed her self. He fell onto the floor and jack ran to her and shout for help.


Jack was so confused so he grabbed the knife and pushed it into his heart and than fell on top of Ella……





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