Camp WhiteWood- Newspaper clippings-resubmitted

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Camp White Wood was founded in 1930. It was a place where kids could get away, have fun, meet new friends, and learn new experiences. But in 1960, tragedy struck. A young girl drowns at the campsite. A year later, two camp counselors were brutally murdered. Following that, there were a string of arsons'. Is this place cursed? No one will ever know.

Submitted: November 09, 2013

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Submitted: November 09, 2013



June 13,1960; Young Girl Drowns at Camp White Wood; Tragedy had struck early yesterday afternoon when a young allegedly drowns. She was with two of her friends when the incident occured. One of her friends had told police one minute they were swimming and the next she had disappeared. The girl is beleived to be 9-year-old Alica Gruska, daughter of the camp cook Eileen Gruska. When Mrs. Gruska was aksed to comment on her daughter's death, she commented that "The counselors weren't paying any attention when my daughter drowned. They were too busy making love and fooling around instead of keeping an eye on my daughter. She wasn't a very good swimmer and was to be watched every minute."The death is under investigation. The camp will remain open.


June 10, 1961; Two Counselors Murdered; Camp Closes; Almost a year after the death of 9-year-old Alicia Gruska, Two camp counselors were brutally murdered sometime late last night. The bodies of Jay McGowan 20, and Elizabeth Toth 19, were found in an abandoned cabin. Both were stabbed to death. They were last seen with the other counselors at a camp fire just 100 feet where their bodies were discovered. One of the counselors had commented to police that the two had snuck off somewhere to be alone shortly before their murders and haven't been seen since. Their murders are under investigation. Police have no reason to beleive that the murders are linked to the death of 9-year-old Alicia. The will close down and stay closed until further notice.


June 2, 1965; Camp Remains Closed Due to a String of Arsons'; Camp White Wood will remain closed due to a series of arsons'. The majority of the cabins had been burned to the ground causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. The was to re-open on June 6 The arson is under investigation. The camp remains closed.


June 16, 1975; Camp Re-opens; 6 Camp Counselors and Camp Supervisor Murdered; One survives; After being shutdown for 14 years, camp White Wood decides to re-open it's doors again. Just before opening day, six camp counselors and a camp supervisor were brutally murdered. The victims of this vicious crime are Camp supervisor Lonnie Stevens 36, who was found bludgeoned to death in the trunk of his own car; Camp counselors Judd Nabb, 19, and Willy Macken 18, were found in an abandoned cabin; They were stabbed to death; Marcia Jones 18, was found in the women's restroom with an ax in her head; Marty Johnson 20, was found next to the genrator; He was strangled; Joan Gibson 19, was found at the archery range; she was shot in the head with a bow and arrow; and Christine Bower, 20, was found in the back seat of an abandoned vehicle; she was stabbed to death. Sole survivor, Vera Jackson, 18, was taken to a ;local hospital being treated for minor injuries. She was found alive at the bottom of the ;lake after her canoe was capsized. When asked by police if she remebered anything that happened, she kept talking about a little girl in the lake that pulled her under the water and attacked her. The camp will close down for good.


August 20, 1975; Sole Survivor of Camp White Wood Disappears; Camp sole survivor Vera Jackson, 18, mysteriously disappears from her home. She was last seen by her parent just a few days earlier before they went out of town. Her mother had talked to her just hours before her disappearance. When her parents haven't heard from their daughter for a couple of days, they had cut their trip short and came home. They were baffled at what they had seen. There was blood everywhere in their kitchen, but no trace of their daughter. When police arrive at the scene, they were baffled as well. They fear that Vera might possibly be dead. Her disappearance is under investigation.


September 3, 1975; Body of Camp Survivor Found; The decomposed body of Vera Jackson 18, was found in the Jackson family toolshed. Vera had disappeared just weeks ago without a trace. Her body was found by her father. When police had arrived on the scene, He had told police that he went to the toolshed to get his lawnmower and noticed a very foul odor coming from the shed. That's when he discovered her body.  He had commented, "This is really screwed up. Parent are not supposed to outlive their kids. Instead of having a Labor Day cookout with my daughter, wife, and other family, i'll be planning for my daughter's funeral. I hope they catch whoever's doing this and give him or her what they deserve. Police think that it's a possibility that this could be linked to the past murders at camp White Wood. All murders are still unsolved and under investigation.


June 15, 1976; Camp Re-opens in New Location; Camp Counselors Murdered; Two Survive; The camp has decided to re-open at Swan Lake-just two miles from the original camp White Wood. Just as opening day was approaching, seven camp counselors were brutally murdered. The counselors were fixing the place up and getting it ready shortly before they were murdered. The bodies of Amanda Ferguson 20, was found in the bedroom upstairs in the cabin where the counselors were supposed to stay; She was strangled; Steve Anders 21, and Lori Saunders 19, were found in the woods; Both were stabbed to death; Amber Stewart, 19, was found in the trunk of her own car; She was axed to death; Jason Stintson 22, was found in the mess hall; He was bludgeoned to death; Kristen Speck 20, and Kevin Hess 19, were found in the pantry of the kitchen. Both of them were dismembered. Sole survivors Assistant supervisor Debbie Anderson 23, and Supervisor Dan Stebbins 23, were taken to a local hospital. Stebbins is being treated for contusions and a broken ankle and is in satisfactory condition. Anderson is being treated for multiple stab wounds and extreme hysteria. The murders are under investigation.


September 6, 1976; Teenagers killed; One survives; A harmless Labor Day camping trip at Coney Lake turns deadly when seven teenagers were brutally murdered. The bodies of Chris Ashley 19, and Tina Fulton 18, were found in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the party house they were staying in; Both were stabbed to death; Sabrina McGee, 17, Debra Grimes, 18, and Mike Trumble, 18, were found in an abandoned barn adjacent to the house; McGee and Trumble were strangled; Grimes was bludgeoned to death; Tom Atkins 19, was found in the cellar of the house; He was electrocuted; Melanie
Lynch 18, was found under the front porch, dismembered. Sole survivor Sylvia Stebner 18, was taken to a nearby hospital. she's being treated for a stab wound and minor injuries she recieved while trying to fight off the attacker. She will be under physciatric evealuation upon her release from the hospital. The murders are under investigation.


June 18, 1978; Couple Brutally Murdered While on Their Honeymoon; Newly Weds Don Schuska 23, and his wife Dora 20, were brutally murdered while on their honeymoon at Seneca Lake, just 5 miles from camp White Wood. Both Schuska and his wife were found in their tent dismembered. The couple was apparently attacked while sleeping. The murders are investigation.


May 28, 1980;; Family of Four Found Brutally Slained; A Memorial Day picinic turns deadly when a family of four is found brutally murdered. Darren Beck, 40, was found in the trunk of his own car; He was bludgeoned to death; His wife Mabel, 39, was found in their tent; she was stabbed to death; Their children Barbara, 18, was found in the lake; She had drowned; And Chelsea, 15, was found in the woods, 2 miles from where the rest of family was found; She was mutilated. Police and the town Mayor had a meeting and declared camp Whitewood and the surrounding areas unsafe and no one is to explore or go on outings there. These areas are off limits due to the murders until the killer is caught.


April 12, 1986; Camp Whitewood Killer Finally Caught; After a series of murders and the closings of camp Whitewood and surrounding areas, the killer is finally caught. 51-year-old Eileen Gruska confessed to the murders. When asked why she committed the murders, this was her statement: "I was getting revenge for my daughter's death. I felt it was the counselor's fault. I felt they weren't watching my daughter when she went swimming and drowned. When the place was closed for many years, I was happy. I felt justice was served. But when they opened it back up again 14 years later,  that';s when I decided to get my revenge again. Even when camp Whitwood closed for good, and people were camping in areas surrounding it, that's when I killed. It was my way of telling people that the area wasn't safe. It's cursed. I wanted the families of the people I killed to know what it was like to lose a child. After all these years, I got to thinking. I felt really bad for what I did. I realized that my daughter's death wasn't anyone's fault. It just happened. Things happen for a reason. I lost my husband two years before my daughter's death to a car accident. Now I have no one. First my husband, now my daughter. That's when I decided to turn myself in and confess to what I did." If convicted, Gruska could face three life terms in prison. She will also under go physciactric evaluation. Her hearing will be scheduled in May. Camp Whitewood and the surrounding areas will still be closed for good due to the fact that the fear of trouble starting again. Authorities want the areas quiet and dormant like it has been.

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