A Persons Judgment Day

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Their is always a moment in your life that will make or break you, its just a matter if your ready and not afraid of it. This story tells of one blokes judgment day and how he copes with it.

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



A Persons Judgment Day

Some people would ask, why do things have to happen the way they do or why is it that bad things go my way, why cant I find or keep someone, why do other people have all the luck in the world with everything. Everyone always looks elsewhere for answers without ever asking themselves how can I change things. It takes a moment to understand and change everything, at some points, people are tested with everyday events for them to prevail for the best or worse and a matter then handling the next test. It's a matter of when it's your turn and how you deal with it.

A normal day at work I thought as I pulled up the car to park. As my car came to a stand still, a little rumble of my engine died as I turned off the ignition. I waved my arms about as i placed my steering lock on the wheel. No-one will take my car today. I got out the car, one step at a time and pulled myself to full attention using all my muscles in my legs. I turned around with not much care at all, I'm not really bothered about going to work today. The keys I placed within the key lock and turned them. The other side of the car shock as a door shut, it was my trusted pal Emma.

I had know Emma for years, we were old friends, always had the laughs and mess about as you would do but I trusted her with everything and anything. We were as close as they would come, told each other everything and would help each other out when we were down. It was one the happiest and greatness things in my life, it's hard to find someone that great, who was basically a female version of me. Friends forever I always think. Every single break up she had, I was their.

Me and Emma worked in different stores, we said our good byes for the day knowing we would meet later for me to take her home. The heat today was blistering hot, it's never this hot. Another typical day I reckon though, just a bit hotter. Off on my trek I was. Usually takes about ten minutes to get to work from where I was so I kept myself walking at a nice steady pace. As usual laid the old drunk man who always was on his bench, it was his home. I passed him as he lay on the bench near the road which was adjacent to the road. Fast asleep as usual.

Their across the road was their she was. She didn't know me or every paid a single second of attention to me but i wanted her too. I always wanted to chat to her, get to know her better, maybe she could be the one. I believed in the one. I believe in love and that theirs one there for everyone, they has to be otherwise their would be no point. I was not just shy though but so afraid of rejection, I was afraid of being hurt like so many times before. I had combination of two fears, one being hurt and two always being alone. Be lonely I think is the worst feeling in the world. But no matter how hard I tried too, i could not get over it. It's not my nature to give up or give up helping or to give up hope on finding someone but sometimes it can get hard to conquer my fears. Maybe I haven't found my way yet, half the time I feel lost with everything.

The trek went on as long as it always did, getting in to work as usual on time. Couple friends were there and started our usual laughs, first thing in the morning and insults were flying everywhere. Someone called me a banana head, very tame insult and how the hell that worked I don't know. It was going to be another usual mess around day at work. Things got on the way, serving customer after customer. But the fun inbetween was always amusing, we had meow like a cat in every sentence we used to speak to people. That was hilarious. One customer did a lion roar at us and ran out, we burst out laughing for ages. I was always known as the joker, I never missed out on a laugh. The management were as usual getting frustrated with us not working.

I Must have got half way through the day when I got a phone call from Emma 'I'm ...... in trouble...... help. I'm.......near ya car' then their was a silence. Her voice sounded petrified. What was she doing near the car. I went straight up to the manager, 'I've gotta go, somethings not right, i need to go, I'll explain soon'. the manager just looked at me for a second, I didn't have any time for it, I went straight out the store and started to charge down the street. What's going on I thought, what's happening, I just knew something wasn't right. Then fear struck through me, what if scenarios kept playing. For those few seconds I was truly afraid, fear was consuming me. My heart went faster and faster.

A scream I heard from beside me, down a alley, some people. Was a woman's scream. I kept running and running, I had to help Emma. I'm not one to give in or give up. But I was so afraid.

I got to the main road, there was too much traffic but I could see distantly my car. I'm almost their. The old guy, what was he doing. He had fallen off his bench and was staggering into the road, what on earth? A loud screech, I looked to the left, a car quickly broke and jolted to it's right avoiding the old man. The car kept moving forward. It crept slowly onto the other side of the road. Another car at full speed smashed into it knocking itself into the air, It span in front of the sun light, dominating it's ever presence. A object fell out the car landing with an almighty thud. It was a body. The car span straight into a parked car over the far side landing upside down. Their lay in the road laid a body. What happened, what was going on? All other cars stopped. The car upside down sparked a little flame. What happened, I couldn't make sense of anything, my mind was all over the place, what do I do? Everything went blank.

I opened my eyes, to the gleaming sun, the plants swayed either side of me, where was I? I slowly moved my body up, a bush laid beside me waving in the sun. The breeze was beautiful, it gave me sense of realism to everything. I jumped to my feet, where was I? This place, what is it? I looked around, everything was green. It was the greenness place ever I ever seen. I stood still for a second looking around. In distance I heard something, sounded like waves. It was a jungle around me, what the fuck??? I heard birds tweeting, how, what, why??????? I ran towards the sounds of waves. I ran faster and faster with anticipation, what was happening?? Then a breaking, my feet sank into the warm softer ground, the waves were as loud as I would ever hear. The winds embraced me. I looked forward out onto the beautiful sunrise. The light reflected perfectly over the waters, the rays of light rippling with the waves before them hitting the beach surface and attacking my skin. The breeze slowly followed, the sense of confusion and fear slowly slipped away as the beauty engulfed me. This was beautiful. Where was I??

I ran towards the car upside down, my gut instinct charged me with all my might towards the car. My world shook around me, I heard a scream from the inside the car. A small flame appeared towards the rear of it. All time seemed to slow down, the scream echoed straight through me. Fear engulfed me but I had no time for fear. It was taking me ages to get to this car, the scream was more louder, I could hear her fear, a sudden motion of panic attacked, fear was attacking..

The sun and the waves were overwhelming . I had no idea what was happening but I felt calm and safe, I wasn't afraid. I sat down on the sand and looked out at the sea. The cool breeze gently massaged me. Then for that second I realized I was alone, I looked around, I was alone. I jumped up, my heart beating faster, what was going on? I turned around, panic, what's going on, I'm alone?? I turned and charged into the jungle. The rain poured down, rain, what?? It was sunny a few seconds ago. A rumble echoed throughout the entire world around me. I ran and ran, nothing made sense, I was alone in the middle of someplace I didn't know. I ran and ran for as long as my legs would go, then came to a halt. I collapsed on the floor, something came out my eye, a tear, then followed by more and more. A curled up on the floor in the rain, soaking wet cold and alone. The most alone I ever felt. I cried and cried. I'm alone I kept thinking, I'm alone.

My legs gave way, no not now. My body crumbled to floor. My chin hit the floor with great force. I was only a few meters away. I felt the heat from the flames ever strong and painful. The scream was all I could hear the scream, nothing else in the world managed to matter. I looked forward along the floor surface slowly making my eyesight to the car. The wheels where spinning, the flames where on the bottom of the car which was now in the air. I could see her, the car was smashed to bits, glass everywhere and there she was. In the car, she was screaming for her life, what do i do?? What do I do??? I can't do this. Then her face covered in blood went in my direction. Her eyes met with mine.

Slowly the tears disappeared. Things slowly calmed down. I sat up, still cuddling myself, the odd tear coming down my face. I swayed back and forth staring at the floor. Drop after drop of rain smashed into a puddle. With a impact a drop made hundred of little drops splash everywhere. It was like one event made hundreds of others. I stared and stared, the tears receded away. I stopped swaying. I looked up, the rain was pouring down on my face. Then I didn't feel cold anymore. I outstretched my arms like I was reaching to heaven. Each drop landing on me. Then I felt something, an outburst of joy making an reaction of a smile. I was alone I thought but I control where these drops land. I control other circumstances that happen I thought. I'm alone I thought and smiled. I'm alone. Whatever happens I thought I have the choice and control of the outcome. Something made rain but I control where it lands. I have control over the outcomes.

Fear. Fear is what I saw. Within that second I realized, I controlled the outcome. I got myself to my feet and charged the next few meters. It's hot, it's really hot. I got down on my hands and knees. The screams where still going. 'Help us' she said 'please, please help us'. I got right next to her. I Laid my body flat on the floor and crawled forward into the wreckage. It was wet and smelt, oh my god it was fuel, this could go any second. 'Please' she said.

I stood up in the rain, arms outstretched with the biggest grin ever. I shouted 'I'm alone'. Then the rain stopped. It stopped within a second. I kept smiling, then the heat attacked me, the cool breeze slowly tickled my hands, then my arms. My hairs one by one stood on end. I was alone I thought and I'm not afraid. The waves could be heard again. I turned around and took a few steps into the jungle. Within six steps I was on the beach again. No confusion or anything attacked me as soon as I saw the sea and the sun. The beauty of the world was the only thing I could see or feel, the chance of living, having chances and most of all not being afraid anymore. I was not afraid any more.

Blood soaked through her face, her tears then began to drop down her face. 'Please' she said and out reached her arm. Her arm outstretched towards me. I looked into her eyes. My hand gentle moved along hers and gripped hold of her hand. 'Are you hurt?'. 'Please help' she replied. I pulled my body into the wreckage. My face was right beside hers, I held her hand. 'Look at me'. She kept looking around. 'Look at my eyes' with a more domineering voice. Her faced moved into my direction, then out eyes met. Their was still fear, but I for that second I felt nothing at all. We stared, 'you are going to be ok, trust me'. I knew the fuel could catch alight and blow up any second. 'You are going to be ok'. the fear vanished a little from her eyes, I could see she had trust in me. 'Now are you hurt'. 'I can't feel my legs' she said. 'Ok' I said 'this may hurt but I'm going to have drag you out the car, it's not safe'. Her eyes where still fixed on mine, I held her hand. She was afraid, I know she was. 'Can you trust me? you'll be ok' she nodded. I lost eye contact with her and looked around. I had to make sure she was free. It suddenly seemed a lot hotter, god, theirs bigger flames. It had to be now I thought. 'Ok hold on to my hands' I grabbed both her hands and slowly crept back, she gave a scream, tears came down her face. 'You'll be ok' trying to give her comfort. I pulled with all my might. Then I felt two hands grab my feet and then was pulled with great force. The lady came with me. Then their was daylight, the sun shone upon the my eyes. We was almost their, come on almost. Then her body came free out the car. I looked up the flames where larger and larger had engulfed the bottom part of the car. I grabbed her and pulled her with one hand and someone else held her other hand. We pulled with as much strength and pace as we could. We was a good 10 meters then a bang. I looked at the car. A force of the heat knocked me back, I looked as the large fire of hell rose up in the air leaping the car up. Then I looked at it, even though it was a deadly force, it had a form or beauty to it. I wasn't afraid. I looked to the person beside me. It was the old drunk man, the man that caused the accident. I didn't know what to do. He slowly turned around and walked off. My head turned as I stared at him walk off to end of the street. Why?? This was cruel.

'Did y#u ##t ## ##y' she said to me. I knelt down beside, I gave her a hug of comfort. 'Did you get my boy?' she repeated.

The sky became dark. The clouds covered the sun, the beach became dark. This time no rain, just a very dark world and a very cold breeze, and unsettling breeze. An evil take on the world.

I didn't know what to say, then beside me a cloak covered and slowly took her, she looked at me. Our eyes met. The fear was more then powerful then ever, she screamed at the loudest ever. Tears came pouring out her eyes. She outstretched her body towards the car screaming. I dropped onto the floor, I was totally gutted. Tears flooded from eyes. A cloak appeared around me. Then a thought came Emma. Then for some reason i don't know why I thought alley way. The alley i heard the scream. Oh no I thought it can't be. My clothes where in a state. I pulled myself together got myself on my feet and charged back where I came. My body was aching, my mind was all over the place, my emotions flustered. I got to the alley, their laid a body. Oh no, no it can't be. I ran towards it. Their she lay. Their was blood on her body, she was holding her white chest. I grabbed her, hugged her from behind as hard as I could. I held the wound, praying she would be ok. Tears came down my face 'no', I swayed her back and forth.  I yelled. I moved her hair. Looked at her face, her beautiful face. Why? Her eyes slightly opened and looked at me and gave a brief smile. 'I knew you would come' she muttered. My emotions engulfed me. 'Your going to be ok, just hold on' She smiled in my arms as her breaths became slower and slower. 'HELP'.

The dark world began to crumble, the floor began to violently shake. Cracks began to appear, the waves became violent and splashed vigorously towards me. Loud rumbles shook everything, the beauty of the waves and sea had gone, the trees one by one started crumbling. Then at the brink of everything being destroyed an urge hit me. I have control what happens, I control the outcome. I can overcome all my fears and become what I can and get what I want.

Within a second I got hold of my composure, I knew what I had to do. I picked her up with all my might, held her as tight as I could. I was controlling the outcome. I took her out the alley. 'Stay with me'. tears still going down my face. All my strength I brought her towards where the accident was, their was ambulances their. All my strength, all my strength. It's not going to end like this, no way. She is not going now, no way, I swore to protect her, I will. I charged forward yelling at the top of my voice until I got attention. The paramedics came charging over, I collapsed on my knees holding her in my arms. 'Hold on your going to be ok, hold on' I said as I moved her hair away from her face. Tears had controlled my eyes now, she smiled back slightly. 'I will protect you'. the paramedics slowly got to me and took her from my arms. I held her hand as they took her away. She held on and looked at me. My tears came down my face. Then we let go. She was put in the ambulance and was gone within a second. Everything went blank.

I yelled at the top of my voice. Everything around me stopped crumbling. Their was no more fear in the air. The ground stopped shaking, the darkness slowly recited away and within an instance everything in this world that was beautiful was back again. The sea, the sun, the breeze and the annoying sand. The beauty was back. A voice was to my left, I turned and looked. Their stood Emma. My heart sank, my tears engulfed me again. On the beach I stared at her, she stared back, tears went down my cheek, so did hers. I ran to her and hugged her as hard as I could. I was safe and wasn't afraid.

Beep, Beep. I opened my eyes slowly, they were heavy and hard. Their in front of me was my parents beside my bed, holding my hands asleep leaning their upper bodies over the side of my bed. Straight ahead where seats, their sat 3 of my best mates. Asleep on each others shoulders. I smiled. I looked to the right. Their in the bed next to me laid Emma. She was a small distance away but I didn't care, she was near me and was still surviving. She had a oxygen mask over her face. But she was looking at me. Her eyes stared at mine. We made contact, she was safe, I was safe. She gave a frail smile. She looked relieved to see me awake. A tear went down her face. She closed her eyes and could see she slowly went asleep. My parents awoke smiling, I could see they had been upset, but smiling. 'How's Emma, how's the lady in the car??'.

My dinner had finally come, good thing I've got those spare keys for the car. I can't believe I forgot my work documents, I had better be quick. I darted out of my work place and started my walk to the car. It had only been five minutes and I was already their, I put the key in the lock, their it is. I could see it through the window. God thank god I found it. Might as well go see Tom why'll he was at work. Slowly made my way across to his work place. Their laid that old drunk guy, he turned around and looked at me in the eye. He just stared, strange guy. Got my way across the road, was almost their. A group of two men were following me, they had from my work place. Oh god, what have I done to them. I could see their reflection in every window i went by. I picked up the phone and rang Tom's work, he answered 'I'm.........in trouble .........help. I'm.........near ya car' then a hand covered my mouth and took me down the alley. Oh god, I don't want to die, what's going on. The person threw me against the wall. Their was three of them now. 'Give us all your money' said one, they covered my exit. I was trapped, their someone went by, I screamed. He didn't hear he's not coming, he ran by. Then there was a painful strike to my face, it knocked me down. I lay flat on the floor, that extremely hurt. I could feel a couple of shaky hands go through my pocket. I heard a loud screech in the background. My face was throbbing, I try to hit one, got him in the eye then a kick struck me in the stomach, all my air had gone, then another strike to the face and It went black. Few moments later I slowly regained consciousness. My eyes were really heavy. Their was a figure at the end of the alley. I couldn't make it out at all. 'Help' I tried to pick myself up. The figure didn't move then something reflected from the sun, oh my god it's a blade. 'No' I said 'Please help me' The figure got closer and closer. I was going to die. I didn't want to die. My eyes bubbled up with tears. 'Please'. He grunted and staggered. The knife got darker and darker until it pierced my stomach, I looked up at the figure. I will never forget the face of the old drunk man from the bench ever again.

'The lady in the car is alive, the doctors think she may never walk again though and her son, her son was in the back seat' No I thought, no I should have saved them both. I should have done, I should have done more. I looked away from my parents. I felt ashamed. I could feel the tear coming down my eye. I looked back over at Emma, she looked at me again, I thought she was asleep. She smiled, 'you are not alone, don't be afraid' she mimed. Within that second I realized I was not alone and never alone. She was my Saviour and I was her's, what would I have done without her. She knew all my fears and I felt so grateful to have her.

I parked my car to work. Emma got out the other side. I was never so glad to see her everyday. We gave each other a hug and parted ways for work. After all that had ever happened, we were so close and I never felt more proud to be part of her life. Off I went to work. The usual trek it was. Their across the road stood the girl of my dreams. She was their as usual like she was everyday. I took a gasp of air and walked across the road to her. 'Hi I'm tom, I see ya most days and thought I'd come and say hi'. 'I know' she replied 'I see you all the time but never had the courage to speak to you'. My heart had melted. I swear at that point I was in love. She had been wanting to speak to me all this time. She was like me. We exchanged numbers and got to talk for a bit before work. Their across the road laid the old drunk guy on his usual bench, I always remember that day, he helped save my life and the ladies life and strangely walked off after. Where was he going?? Then within an instance, Emma came across my mind. My heart stopped a beat. I was in love with her and I wasn't afraid of it any more.

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