Ode to someone

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About a girl I knew once

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



Ode to Someone


Hey babe I was thinking about when we first kissed

4 of us at your place – we were both pissed

Your friend had decided she didn’t like me much

Was a relief - she looked too dirty for me to touch

So we snogged and I fell in love with you

But Charlie saw and beat you black and blue

While we were necking behind the chairs

He could see us from the top of the stairs

I saw him looking but didn’t care

Kissing and caressing your golden hair

Wasn’t bothered that he was a violent drug dealer

First time I’d ever been a girlfriend stealer

Not much of a man coz he never said a word to me

Waited until I’d gone and smacked you against a tree

You never phoned me after I left that night

And I thought that wasn’t right

He wanted you as his black & blue streetwalker

But I could have been your favourite stalker

Anyway it’s all gone now and you were a tart

But I’m still sat here with a broken heart

It should have ended up as me and you

But instead you are dead at twenty two


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