Seymour the lonely snake makes friends

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This story is about accepting people for who they are and embracing our differences.

Submitted: August 09, 2014

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Submitted: August 09, 2014



Seymour was a very sad and lonely snake. He had no friends.



Day after day he tried to make friends with the other forest creatures.


Seymour would slither through the forest and everyone would just ignore him or run away in fear. They were frightened of Seymour and the way he looked.


He slithered past Ollie the Owl and Said: " Hi, I'm Seymour! "Can we be friends?"

"Oh no!! Hooted Ollie the Owl, We can't!! You look too scary!!

So, sadly, Seymour slithered away.

Next, he saw Baxter Birdie.

Baxter Birdie, Asked Seymour, "Will you be my friend?

NO!!!! Said Baxter Birdie, furiously flapping his wings. You are too scary!!!

Seymour was getting very sad when Bertha Butterfly flew over and landed gently beside him and smiled.

Seymour looked up in surprise and said; But Bertha Butterfly, aren't you scared of me, too?

Bertha smiled again and said: "Why do you think I would be afraid of you?

Well, said Seymour, because all of the other creatures in the forest say that I am scary. Don't you think so, too?

Bertha said, "No, Seymour, Not at all. Look, you have colors just like me. Red, Blue, , Green, and Yellow. I don't think you are scary at all. I think you are beautiful!


Seymour smiled and said, "That's great!!" Then will you be my friend?

The other forest creatures had heard Bertha Butterfly talking to Seymour and they all gathered around him.

Seymour, they all said, we are sorry we treated you so badly. We would all very much like to be your friend.

Seymour was no longer a lonely snake.
















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