And I Met Her...!

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We are so much affected by relationships adversities and heartbreaks. Even friendships these days are taking the form of disappointments and cruelty. In such a scenario there comes a girl from somewhere whom I was so lucky to meet.She hold me when I was falling, She pushed me when I was about to quit, She taught me how to laugh whole heartdly. I indeed wish this friendship of mine shouldn't come to an end..She be with me till the end, take care of mine when I am careless, and just tap my shoulder when I am so alone for rest of my life...!
She is Dramatic,Helpful,Adorable,Wacky,Angelic,Naughty,Irreplacable friend of mine..1

Submitted: January 02, 2015

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Submitted: January 02, 2015



And I Met Her….!


There I wondered what went wrong with me,

Can things be as cruel as they could ever be!

But then this girl entered like a package to make me happy,

She is surely a candle to light me up from head to knee!


I still remember the first day we met
we were too shy to say much at all
It's funny to think back to that time
because now we're having a ball!


She had those beautiful eyes with her hairs so long,

Those cubby chicks that gets red when things are wrong.

She had her designs and charisma which had a flair,

Despite all these, she is crazy, combination of which is too rare!

Days passed and so passed the moments of joy,

We screamed, we teased, we laughed, we tickled, and at times we also annoy!

She tells me, I am looking stunning when I am looking fab,
but will call me a hippo when I am flashing my flab.


She is as sensitive as splashing duck could be in the water,

As car uses its push break on a speed breaker, such is her laughter!

But she is someone whom I call a best friend
I'd have to say someone who's there, till the bitter end.


She is someone, who’ll arrive at the sight when I am low,

Get along some junks, vodka and chocolate and bring me back to the flow!

She fights with me for a smallest piece of chocolate,

And then her nose blows till tissues are loaded in entire bucket!


We've been through so much together in so little time we've shared,
I will never forget all the moments that you've shown me how much you cared.

Friends are forever especially the bond that you and I possess,
I love your fun-filled personality Somehow you never fail to impress.


I can never be angry, such is her smile,

Things are really amazing when she is around even for a while!

She is so amazing that I wish could treasure her till my deathbed,

Such a friend, who’ll make me laugh even when I am on my deathbed!

You are always there for me when my spirits need a little lift
I cannot thank you enough for that you are truly an extraordinary gift!
They say that true friendship is rare and I believe it to be true
Genuine friendship is something that I cherish I am so lucky to have met you.


Those funky selfies and picture we clicked,

Would be treasured forever whenever I turn mentally sick.

But our story will continue to grow with each passing day
because I trust that with you by my side everything will always be Okay.


I promise to be with you by your side whenever you are low,

Dare those stupid tears, being me by your side, how can they flow!

I promise to give you all that you emotionally deserve,

And never fade away from your face, that broad cute curve!


The world could use more people like you it would certainly be a better place
I admire everything about you, you are someone I could never replace.

You will always be a best friend to me in selfish world like this,

She is perhaps the best thing that could have ever been to be and there she is!










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