The days ahead

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This is about a kid who doesn't feel like living in his house anymore because of the family condition.

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



As I was walking to my house, I saw myself being kidnapped by my parents. It wasn’t right. I did not deserve, I was only a kid who wanted everything perfect. Maybe this was my chance to leave the house for the better! Did I really have the guts to do it? At least I thought so...

I packed all my all my clothes and got ready to go. I was all alone in the house because both my parents were at work this time leaving me all by myself. Even to think that this could happen to a 10-year-old kid is bad but that to happen in real life is as bad as it gets. So I was at my nearest bus-stop when I saw an old man trying to say something to me. I couldn't exactly understand at first but then I listened carefully and these were the words I heard ‘Better be careful, wouldn’t want myself in your place,’ and he left me in a stressed place. Finally the bus I had been waiting for had come so I took it.

When I finally arrived to my friend’s house, in which I was about to ask him to for me to stay in, I balanced my backpack carefully to my shoulders and looked around for the right house. I saw the beauty of it, unlike my house, and before I knew it I was desperate to live there! So I asked him in a gentle way whether he was happy for me to live in his house. He wasn’t quite pleased so asked his mum. She wasn’t that satisfied either but kindly took me in for a price. The deal was that I had to clean all shoes and wash all clothes and I didn't really mind that unless my parents knew where I was which I hoped they did not.

I read the newspaper. It was talking about a child lost which was me. I couldn’t'...I just couldn't go back there...not now when I had everything except real parents. I was enjoying my life and I DEFINATELY didn't want to go back there. Was I out of my mind to think this in the first place or did I for once in my life had the courage to show I was brave enough to make adult decisions? Only if I proved a reason for me to be here. My only hope was that this was true. It couldn't be a dream, could it?...

Read next part of this story to see whether he did actually get a lucky escape from his horrible family or whether he is still stuck with nightmares!

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The days ahead

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