I took unique take on what I believe to be spiritual transcendence, so I took inspiration from reading scripture and creating a unique take on the Godhead and the blessed trinity.

It seems out of tune
To hear the same old beat
Of an endless rhyme
Or enigma
Wanting to hear itself all over again
At times headaches create insight
Others are delved from passion
This time around it has no meaning
As if a flower bloomed without leaves
The sun never came along to allow it to grow
So it withered without a moment’s notice
And in the rain the roots became sharp
Cutting through entangled soil
And something grew inside the stem
Which gathered energy from nowhere
Bleeding out the moon from its petals
And somewhere in time
Sprouted arrays of seeds
That sprinkled across the fields
Which allowed others to meddle
Some lilies, daffodils, roses, lilacs
They all had places in the harvest
And then the age came
When they did not die
But bloomed flawlessly in bright-silken rays
They all became one grain
One voice
One utterance
Yet division created unity
And no one despaired
Cause the buds opened
Looking to its maker
The man who gave them water
The sky which gave its ether
The glow that gave its power

Submitted: October 19, 2014

© Copyright 2023 mnicorata. All rights reserved.

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