I wrote this after I only had a couple hours of sleep and I had to write something down and this is what was on my mind.

Upon awaken the day seems fresh
Where feet become planted in the ground
Knowing truthfully there is something abound
The outside blanketed by darkness
Running countless, like clockwork energy
Stemming from the bottomless cave
I reach out with an eager hand
Recognizing the page
So the work has been critiqued yet again
Come all good friends
Joint the fight
Join the madness
Arriving in phases
Amongst the prances
So I see the work has been accomplished
Yet I am here decayed in ugliness
When I know full well underneath
There is a heart of gold
With stories there untold
As stems break into the fold
My center, my world, my universe
My own delusional reality
Coming to be
Amongst the crowd
I know that I am everything, and possibly more
I am the rock, tidal waves hitting on the shore
No movement
Not a sound
Yet I feel so much to make my heart go round

Submitted: October 19, 2014

© Copyright 2023 mnicorata. All rights reserved.

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