The New Generation

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This is the story of a Padawan by the Name of Cole Sage.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



The New Generation

Chapter 1

The Nightmares are Killing Me

By: Taylor Ford

It was early in the morning. I had just woken up, my room was cold and dark as always. I still remember it everyday, I have nightmares about it, but I quickly rid myself of these thoughts, for now. I got out of bed, slowly but surely. The shades opened up like they always do, letting the burning light from the sun blare in through the plexi-glass. I rubbed my eyes and stood up. I stretched for a few seconds and got dressed. My robes fit on me very comfortably, but I guess that’s the point, being comfortable while you’re working. I grabbed my lightsaber and put it in it’s holster.

I walked out into the hallway and made my way towards the corridor where my master had told me to meet him. It was a short walk away from my chamber room. I am guessing this is going to be another training session on how to control my thoughts, my anger, my feelings. As he always told me, I had problems controlling them. I always ignored him when he told me these things, as it annoyed me. After maybe a few more minutes of walking I say my master, Jedi Master D'Teres.

“Hello Master.” I said.

“Good morning, young Sage.” My master replied. “I trust you slept well.”

“Of course my Master, our sessions have really been helping me.” Which was a total lie, nothing my master has said for me to do has helped.

“Right then, let us go. The Jedi council has assigned us a mission.” My master said. I followed close behind as we made our way towards the council’s chamber. As we entered the chamber, I quickly examined everyone in the room. At the I looked at them all in order. Jedi Master Paryn, Master Hemm, Master Vellings, Master N’rar, Master Unglar, and Master March. They all sat in their chairs, comfortably, they were after all, tailored specifically for them.

“You wished to speak to us, Masters?” My master asked.

“Yes, Master D’Teres.” Master Paryn said. “I am going to send you, and your padawan learner, to Polis Massa on a mission.”

“And what is this mission, Master Paryn?”

“It is a stealth operation.” Paryn replied.

“What is the objective master?” Master D’teres asked.

“There is a group of rebels there known as the Triad. They are well known for being ruthless and merciless. They are not known for their kind nature. They have recently stolen some plans from the Republic in a nearby system. The contents of these plans are unknown at the moment and may be extremely important to us. Whatever these plans may happen to be, they must be retrieved. Understood, Master D’teres?”

“Understood master, we will take care of this swiftly.”

“Good. I have already taken the liberty of preparing a ship for you. It will be waiting for you in the Hangar. Good luck you both.”

Me and my master both nodded. We made our way towards the hangar, where a two seater jedi starfighter had been waiting for us. We walked over and opened the cockpit. we dusted it off as it seemed to be rather old.

“How are we going to get around in an old junker like this, master?” I asked.

“It will have to do Sage.” My master replied. “We’re not going on a space adventure. We only need to get to the planet and land. Then get back.”

“Yes, master.” We both hopped into the cockpits and strapped ourselves in.

“Starting engine.” My master announced. “Engaging thrusters. Into the air. Launching into orbit.” The people around us gave us the go ahead, and we made our way into orbit. The starfighter fixed itself in the hyperspace module and began the countdown into launch. We engaged warp and were shot into hyperspace.

“Master, I believe we forgot something.” I pointed out while we were mid-hyperspace.

“What is is?” My master asked.

“Our astromech droid, master.” I said as if it were quite obvious. My master thought about for half a moment and then sighed.

“It is not so important as to abandon our mission now and head back to get an astromech. Understand, Sage?” My Master asked.

“Yes, master.”

“Alright then.” After a few minutes in hyperspace, and of utter silence. I started to have thoughts about that night again. It was haunting. I hated complete silence.

“Master. I was lying earlier.” I said, slightly choked. “About your lessons helping me. I still think about her.”

“I already knew, young Padawan. You have a lot to learn about what you will be capable of when you become a master someday.” My master sighed. “Why do you think of your mother so often? We all thought you were too young to remember anything about her.”

“I don’t know master. I remember everything so vividly. It tears me apart to think that I was taken away from my mother, for my own good, maybe. Though I still can’t help it.” I looked down at my master, my face was solemn.

“I hate to tell you this, but I do not know how to help you.” My master sighed once more. “Don’t let anyone hear talking like that. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.” I said slightly startled by his reaction. We exited hyperspace. Upon entering the space around Polis Massa, the sensors went off. My master looked up at the planet. His draw dropped slightly.

“Master, what’s wrong?” I looked up as well. My jaw then dropped as well. This wasn’t expected.

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