Seven Stage of Grieving - Shock and Disbelief (1)

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The first in a series of 7 poems that deal with the grieving period following the breakdown and subsequent end of a relationship.

This poem follows the journey through the initial stage of the shock and disbelief you feel when your relationship ends and you find yourself alone, cast adrift in the world.

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013




It’s not real

How can this be real?

My love for you is so strong

It should hold you in my world

Stop you from letting go, slipping away


Slipping through my fingers

A grip so strong so full of air


Questions stuck in my mind’s revolving door

What are you saying?

Is this a nightmare from which I’ll surely wake?

Are you really leaving me?

Where did it all go wrong?


I thought we were perfect

Perfection is perception


There’s a thunder in my ears

A broken storm cloud in my eyes

A blanket fog within my mind

A stolen heart, far beyond my reach

Your love for me proved not enough?


I can’t get it through my head

The words of my nightmare, you spoke, can’t be real


My sunshine on a cloudy day

Has been eclipsed

Has the face of love turned away from me?

A bad dream preying on most awful thoughts

Our love cast asunder by my pedestal lover


Perhaps it is but a lonely wanton dream

A sadistic love war crime

Maybe I’ll wake and you’ll hold me again

Forever and always, isn’t that what we said?

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