From the book: Night

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its a part in the book Night were his friend dies while he plays the violin. this is set in a contration camp in germany in WW2.

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



Everyone around me was being consumed by death’s silent touch. One-by one, we began to drop and became left behind like our spirits, our hope, our humanity. We were only hunger. Food. The thought of it made my mouth barely water as we marched farther into the frozen, ominous snow. All of us were walking skeletons. We long for the taste of freedom.

The SS drove their motorcycles around us, making sure we were in perfect order and march. Once in a great while they will encourage us to keep going. Then one of them shouted, “Everyone look! It’s Gleiwitz!”

We’ve seen it before he spoke. We saw the wire surrounding our new hell; it was greeting us with a horrid grin. We started going faster, we were all so eager to get inside one of the many abandoned buildings to get at least some warmth. It was night when we got there.

When we began to go inside the camp the Kapo’s quickly put us in barracks. We shoved, we groaned in pain as we walked upon one-another. As people became more and more aggressive, Father and I were pushed onto others into a pile of a human hill.  As more and more people fell on top of us, I heard a cry from underneath me: “Please! You’re hurting me! Get off!”

That voice….

“Please! Get off!”

I knew that voice. So familiar it was. I have heard it speak to me once...


I knew I was crushing him. He couldn’t breathe with all this weight on him. I myself could scarcely breathe. I scratched faces and bit skin of people who I didn’t know if they were still alive. The one underneath me still screamed in vain.


His name was Juleik! He was the boy who played the violin. He told me once he wished he could play Beethoven again. Even if it meant death.

He stopped screaming. I tried moving, but, there was too much weight on me to let him at least have a little air. I spoke with worry, “Juleik? Are you...?”

“Don’t worry…I’m still breathing, Eleizer,” he spoke in the fainted of whispers.

“Ok,” I spoke no louder then him.

I broke through a small hole in the heap of people. It was big enough to be able to breath, but, small enough not to go through.

“Eleizer?” he spoke a little louder, “My…My…”

 My what?” I spoke.

“My…violin,” he whispered “I’m afraid they might break it...”

The weight, the hunger, the night: it all made me tried. Even now in this uncomfortable position I wanted sleep. I was dozing slowly. As I slept, I heard a violin. It was so beautiful. A beauty I haven’t heard for so long. I wanted to hold it.

When I awoken, I looked out of my small hole and saw my dear friend Juleik holding his violin. His head was down above mine. He had played Beethoven . It was his final wish to play his music and he died for it. I stared at his unmovable body for the longest time before I called for my Father, knowing he wasn’t far away.

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