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Electronic device updates can be frustrating!

Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016



I’m lucky enough not to have a Facebook account, to me Twitter is what birds do in the trees, and a telegram is a thing of bygone days, but Instagram? Well I don’t know, I’ve never seen it but heard about it via the media. Yeah, you could say that I’m an old stick-in-the-mud!

When we arrived back from five years in Africa, we found we had missed the introduction of payment by plastic card and the wonders of the computer. I caught up by buying a secondhand computer and by teaching myself what I could do with one. I did ok, using Word 2000 and Paint I wrote and drew diagrams/pictures for an environmental booklet that I used later for distribution to schools. I write stories, some for my grandchildren that need pictures but the new version of Paint can’t hold a candle to the older version and so I seldom use it!

I still reckon Word 2000 was the best of the word programmes I have used. Word 13 is nowhere near as easy to use! Those squares at the top AaBb etc. all flashy but I can adjust font and font sizes myself thank you very much. Actually, I don’t want things to be simpler, using your brain helps fend off Alzheimer’s don’t you know? And as for the photo files on Windows 10 – take me back to that old second hand computer or even XP!

Change is one of the constants in life, but none of us likes it! Personally, I enjoy resisting change: 1996 I bought a pair of shoes at the Bata factory in Zimbabwe, and I still wear them! I don’t like anyone else washing my coffee mug, or fiddling with it – oh it’s ok if my grandkids do. From some time in the 80’s I used Imperial Leather soap, but a couple of years ago, Cussons changed the fragrance – I stopped using it immediately, I don’t want to smell like a cosmetics shop! Perhaps I’m stubborn? The manufacturers of electronic devices of the digital kind are on a sort of treadmill so must make changes in order to compete in the market place, I understand that. They also have to manufacture updates in the fight against loony hackers and virus creeps. A pox on looney hackers and virus creeps, I say! And that goes for spammers too!

I was given a secondhand iPhone and sure it is flash with Siri doing her best to have an intelligent conversation with me, but my use for a cellphone is weekly texting family and friends, some of them overseas and to make the occasional call – I seldom carry it with me, people don’t need me that desperately! Anyway I just became familiar with this new phone and here we go, there’s an update, adding some Home app and changing other little, annoying, things. This is uninvited and I don’t want it and will never use it, it’s just a nuisance to me. Yes, yes I know they have to upgrade protection from the poxes.

The same goes for my desktop computer, the bloody thing is not my own, the updates come and change little bits of configuration, not for the better but to change them. I like computer geeks because they can do stuff that I can’t, but do they work with Word day in and day out or Paint or the photos or Excel? When I bought my computer, all the sales person talked about were movies and games, nothing about actual work or writing stuff! Nobody told me about Cloud, so I managed to transfer some of my files from my old computer there! I didn’t want Cloud floating around with my files, I prefer them to sit on my home computer and bah, even managing files was simpler in the earlier programmes.

I dunno, (I purposely used that word to piss off the spell-checker) maybe I’m a Grinch and maybe I’m the only one in the world who cares nought for flashy modern stuff but as I said about my coffee cup, I don’t like people fiddling with my stuff, especial anonymous people! I’m never going to read all that small print conditions you are supposed to agree to because the point is, if you don’t agree, you don’t progress!

All I want is when updates are going to arrive that changes how my device operates and looks, a big notice comes up saying ‘opt out of updates’ with a tick box! Of course nobody should opt out of security updates. I can’t do much about the years catching up on me, stubbornness is in my DNA, so is resisting change but when I want to be, I can be a little bit diplomatic, but in this case, I don’t want to be.

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