Beach Walking

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Have you ever wished that you could freeze a moment and keep it forever?

Submitted: January 05, 2010

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Submitted: January 05, 2010



Have you ever wished that you could freeze a moment and keep it forever?


I caught the perfect moment, just before it flew away on outstretched wings, and locked it in my heart. Sometimes I can hear it, beating against the walls of its enclosure. Thump, thump. It is a sound I look forward to, a magical sound filled with colours. Delightful, thrilling colours blending together to form the freedom I used to dream of, but now melt into. This freedom is my most treasured memory, my most desired thought.


The sun was warm on my face, evaporating all my bad feelings, lifting my sorrows, lightening my heart and emptying my soul of all I knew.


The sand stretched alongside me; white and pure. Only the forgotten footprints left behind remained, except for the debris and a few shells that were scattered among the footprints, as if they had been sprinkled, just for decoration.


I could taste the salt – ground up sorrows; fear not yet forgotten. I could taste the bitterness of all the bad thoughts, blowing in the tired wind.


The debris lay around on the outstretched sandy beach as though it had been thrown over somebody’s shoulder in disdain; it lay hopelessly, waiting for someone’s love to spill. It lay, waiting for some love to reach their aching souls. It was the skeleton of what had once been beautiful – together, it was the skeleton of life.


I could hear the lost cries of the sulking gulls; the echoes of happy laughter. I heard my aching heart, rising and falling; waiting.


The waves sparkled and glittered playfully, splashing over my feet. They were happy then; calm and gentle; leaving behind their endless potential to destruct unfulfilled.


I picked up the curved and twisted shell at my feet. I placed the shell upon my waiting ear. I heard the voices of a thousand years, holding songs, thoughts, memories, joys, stories and broken hearts. A miracle was preserved in intricate beauty, protected by the sea – forever.


The salty sea air burnt my nose; stinging the thoughts inside my head; sending shivers down my spine. I smelt the eerie mystery left behind in the sand dunes.


The sea held so many unknown wonders; breathtaking beauty. Hidden secrets held close – kept safe. All this beauty and wonder, continuing until it met the sky and all the secrets and dreams took flight – let loose, into the open, waiting skies.


My eyes followed the sea, resting on the warm sunset sleeping peacefully on the horizon. For once, good and evil were equal and serene. There are no words to describe how I melted into that sunset; that perfect moment of mistakes and achievements.


I walked, just walked.

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