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Just a tad depro... :)

Submitted: January 05, 2010

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Submitted: January 05, 2010



I watch your eyes,
As they pluck out my mistakes,
Leaving them bare and sore,
Open for everyone to see.
Your eyes are filled with glee,
As you hear people laughing –
Deep bellows, dark laughs.
You smile with pleasure,
When I fall to my knees,
You laugh the darkest,
When you whip me with your words,
Just words, I tell myself,
Just words.
But they are dark words,
Shadowed by a million more,
Words everywhere –
Standing together to form you –
The darkest of all.
Fine, be like that.
But remember;
I also have words.
I can also laugh,
As you fall to the ground;
As I see your eyes tighten in pain,
As my evil smirk whips you.
I smile now, but not in hatred,
I smile out of hope,
Hoping is like dreaming;
Hoping is like flying;
There are no limits.
I watch as you scoff at such a thought.
“Flying? Flying is for those with wings,
You have no wings – you cannot fly.”
“Can’t I?”
The first time,
Your scornful eyes swept over me,
You regarded me as nothing –
Nothing but dirt –
But I was only unwanted by you.
How could I have wings,
If I was not wanted?
You are evil –
You do not want me.
I am good –
I have wings –
I can fly.
“No, you can’t.”
That is what you say;
You are filled with negatives.
You are dark;
Darkness pulls you down,
You will stay in the dirt;
You will lie in the mud;
You will be lost in the deepest waters –
As long as you are dark.
“Yes, I can.”
That is what I say;
I am filled with positives.
I am light;
Light lifts me up;
Light helps me to fly;
I will stay forever in the clouds –
Forever in the stars.
I will be truly happy –
As long as I am light.
You looked at me,
But never saw me.
You never gave me a chance;
You suffocated me under words –
Heavy words, dark words,
Words that came from your mouth.
You never – not once –
Whispered a kind word;
A simple, small word that rang sweetly,
And tinkled softly in the dark.
So I gave myself these words.
Words that shone;
Words that glittered;
Words that I held close to my heart.
I gave myself these words,
Because I believed in myself.
I believed that I could shine,
I believed that I could glitter and sparkle,
I believed I could fly,
Yes, I could fly far away,
But wherever I may go,
You will be right behind me,
Following me with an evil smile,
Plastered across your wretched face,
All the way to your black heart.

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