The Best Runner

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I'm twelve and I'm learning
English and I would like to share my story about an elephant race.

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



The Best Runner

Once upon a time there was an owl called Samuel. He lived in a jungle in Madagascar and he was the King of the jungle. The other animals called him Master Owl.

One day, he decided to organize a race for all the best elephant runners from different countries. He organized a meeting with all the animals from the jungle: giraffes, crocodiles, lions, ostriches, monkeys and, of course, elephants.

Master Owl said:"I want to tell you about my idea: I want to organize a race for the best elephant runners and we have to choose the fastest and biggest elephant from our jungle. "

A giraffe called Melman answered: "We don't have to think about it a lot. Our best elephant runner is Tumbo." All the other animals agreed and so Tumbo was their runner.

Master Owl sent invitations to all the other elephants in all the other countries. He told them to come in summer and to stay for three weeks.

Two months later, the runners arrived. They came from: America, Brazil, India, Australia, China, France, Germany, Spain, Canada ... There were big ones, small ones, elephants with big ears and small ears but all of them were gray. All the runners were nice and friendly except one. His name was Oscar and he came from Italy. Oscar was naughty and he thought that he was better than all the others. When Oscar saw Tumbo, he said :"You are a very ugly elephant with your gray fur. You aren't an elephant!!" Tumbo was very sad but his friends said to Oscar:"Shut up!! You are very mean. Tumbo is a wonderful friend. He's got a fur because his father is a mammoth and we are sure that he is going to win the race."

Master Owl announced:"You've got one week to practise and to get ready for the race." Then, all the elephants practised hard every day. Tumbo was very serious and he was a really good runner and Oscar didn't like that at all. He started to bother him: he threw stones and sticks and pushed him and pulled him and he called him "the ugly elephant","the winter coat", "the floorcloth". But then, he had an other very bad idea: he dug a hole because he wanted that Tumbo fell down and broke his ankle. That was his plan!!!

Two days later, the race began. All the elephants did their very best. Tumbo and Oscar were at the head of the race. Oscar was very nervous because he didn't remember where he dug the hole. Oscar was a very stupid elephant!!! Suddenly, there was a big CRACK!!!and Oscar disappeared. Then he was in the hole, he began to shout: "Help me, help me!! I think my leg is broken". All the elephants stopped to run and they tried to help him. When he was out of the hole, Oscar said: "I know who played this bad trick. It was Tumbo!!". All the elephants looked at Tumbo. He said: "That's false!! It wasn't me, I promise." Alex, the lion said: "You are right, Tumbo. I know who dug this hole: that was nobody else than you, Oscar. I saw you yesterday when I chased a rabbit. You had a shovel and you worked hard." All the animals looked now at Oscar. He was very embarrassed. Master Owl said: " You are a traitor. I disqualify you. And I declare that Tumbo is the winner of the race." The other elephants agreed because there was no doubt that Tumbo was the best runner.

All the animals organized a big party. They danced and played and had a lot of fun exept Oscar with his broken leg!!

And the moral of this story:"You can easily fall into your own trap".

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