Rhyming triplets?

Status: Finished

Rhyming triplets?

Status: Finished

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Rhyming triplets? Rhyming triplets?

Poem by: mochuislemocroix


Genre: Poetry



Rhyming in triplet.


Rhyming in triplet.


Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012



I loved you neatly and completely.

Not too boldly, not discretely.

Never harsh but always sweetly.

Lie in arms and love me pleading

Always taking for the needing.

And you were ready for the weeding.


You I felt I loved the best,

Held my head against your breast

But nary could I pass your test. 

Cut me loose I must conclude

That your tone was rather rude

And now you're necking with some dude


You were pretty; talked a lot.

one word edgewise; all I got

you had a nostril filled with snot

Wish you'd get it with a cloth

or perhaps a cotton swath

my eyes are drawn just like a moth


Found a girl I think is true

Eyes a brilliant shade of blue

Makes me wait and that is new.

I hate the word but she is 'cute'

she met me 'mudder' all to boot

I'd run and hide; point is moot.


Fight for her I would indeed

blonde she is but still can read

She is want and hope and need. 

If I get her, and I will

I will never treat her ill

Because my ass she'd prolly kill.


So goodnight you lovely girl

Note is on your porch, all secret squirrel

I'm nervous so I'll prolly hurl

So let's hang out because you're cool

which makes me act just like a fool

I'll call, not text as per your rule.








© Copyright 2016 mochuislemocroix. All rights reserved.

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