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A short 'thought' about a friend.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



Letter to a friend

You came to me in an hour of such a need
I loved you because I never thought that I would know the love of a beautiful woman again
I condemned myself to being alone to support a child or worse locked into a forced relationship that doomed me to
becoming my Father. 
You were a ladder up and out and I clung to you as you clung to me. 
We held each other for the better life the other offered.
We burned so brightly and for those years there was a fire that was the perfect mixture of fuel and heat.
The crescendo of our beautiful music came and we fought and fizzled. Fought to rekindle and fought
to escape.  We both did. 
I know that the moments were so beautiful and perfect and that they will never be that way again.
Outside of our arms everything else melted away and there was no worry or sadness or uncertainty only
reassuring love.  Love. That was it.
It was easy to be a Man in love with you. 
It was easy to be a Father with you bracing me.
Anything I say to you will diminish the perfection of what was ours.  It had to be written and written in such a way that
you may not find it until years have washed away the remnants of us. 
I hope you find this and it reminds you only of how good and perfect and wonderful it actually was. It was that good.
I mean this only to remind you and myself that something we both clutched was
so beautiful, real and tragic. 
Life is best that way.

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