The Right, the Left...and the Centre

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Thoughts on 'politics'

Submitted: April 07, 2010

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Submitted: April 07, 2010



The right, the left.............. and the centre
The right is not right, I fell we all might agree to fight against the right as it feels right not to fall prey of the right and the entrenched plight they present as being right.
The left holds more interest but the left of late has left the left and proceeds to intervene far too much into my cosy existence...”Don’t do this, you can no longer do that, live like this a WE recommend that you should, don’t eat that food but eat this one and then disregard what we just told you and begin eating the food we recommended you not to eat, change that, stop doing that, don’t go there anymore go here instead..(after completing a full Health and Safety check first) fall prey to the lie that CCTV is actually a good thing and will cut down crime and pay no attention to now living in a surveillance society as Eastenders is on in 5 minutes.
And the centre......?
Well, they’re just wankers!

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