A Family torn Apart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

This Story is particularly about two young females who were related and somehow made a few mistakes in there life but as time went by things got better. However some didn't change.

The Family torn apart by Tony Sanders



This started in 2007 in July. When two young women who were cousin and they got pregnant by the same man. After they had found out the two started Scraping (fighting). Then the man who both of them had got pregnant by, he got locked up for being involved in a gang shooting.

Both of the cousins are young. One’s name is Salina she's 23 and the other one is Tasha she is 25.
Salina had a baby girl named Aniya. Tasha had a Baby boy name Julia’s.
A week after Salina had her baby she left the baby at her mother's and ran off and never came back, she always calls but she never shows up. It’s been almost a year and she hasn't seen her daughter yet. Salina's mother takes care of her baby. 

As for Tasha she's in rehab trying to get off drugs (coke), and get her life back together so she can take care of her child. Tasha's mother is very sick so she couldn't take care of the baby. So Salina's mother is also taking care her Tasha’s mother and Tasha’s baby.
Salina's mother Lula is 48 years old and trying to take care of her sister older Edna and Edna's grandbaby Julia’s, and she's having a hard time. Luckily she's getting $4800 a month for taking care of her sister and Julia’s.
Salina has an older brother (Dushion). Dushion is the oldest out of 3 children, its him, there other sister Teresa, and Salina. Dushion graduated college 10 years ago. He has a master’s degree. Also he's a movie producer, a real estate agent. So he makes about $180,000 a year and $50,000 a month. He is taking care of his two children and he's helping his mother with Salina and Tasha's children. 

Now things are about to get better because Tasha has just been let out of rehab. After 6 months of being in the rehab. She was very happy to see her son in fact she was so happy that she gave him all of her money. Julia’s father, Jermaine sent him a card.
Most of all her family was very happy to see her and especially her mother.

Then Tasha went up to Dushion "Thank you so much for helping take care of my son”, she said.
"You welcome but you should really be thanking my mother”, Dushion.

"So where's THAT girl?” Tasha said. "She's not here", said Dushion "mmm...Just like I thought she isn’t gone amount to nothing", said Tasha "LOOK TASHA DON'T START THAT OK, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CRITICIZE MY SISTER LIKE THAT, BOTH OF YA'LL WE'RE WRONG. LEAVING THESE KIDS LIKE THAT. NOT COMING TO SEE THEM OR CALL THEM, YOU GOT ALOT Damn OF NERVE!!” said Dushion.

Actually Salina did show up and she showed up in a Cadillac Escalade E.S.V. “is that Salina? “said her mother "yeah it’s me mama", said Salina "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ?", said her mother 
"getting my life together, and I’ve been in school" "School huh ?",said her mother "yes ma'am I have my associates degree, I'm the manger of Wal- Mart making $24,000 a month.", Salina said 
"That's great baby”, said her mother "Is that your car ?", said Dushion "yeah is that your car or did you steal it ?", said Tasha 

"Excuse me ?, look Tasha I don't know if you know it or not but what happened last year is the past and I've gotten over that and I moved on in my life. Your my cousin I can't stay mad at you for the rest of my life cause that is only going to hold me down your my blood we family and I LOVE YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL.", said Salina 
"Yea Whatever", said Tasha. Look I said what I had to say I said I'm sorry but I'm not about to kiss your ass and beg for your forgiveness, now what's with you?” Said Salina.

"please tell me that that Y'all are not still argueing,after all the things me and Dushion went through, we are the ones that took care of y'all kids when y'all wasn't there. We are the ones that put food in their mouths and cloths on their backs and a roof on their heads. I didn't have to do that, hell I could have  just let them go to foster care but I didn't because that's not the type of person that I am and after all of that you still don't appreciate anything you ungrateful heffers", said Lula Then she started crying.
" Now y'all see what yall you two needed to go take care of your kids”, said DUSHION 

so then 20 minutes later Tasha and Salina apologized to each other and Lula, and they talked. 
They continued to party and celebrate the children's birthday peacefully and happy.

THE END..... 

Submitted: October 02, 2013

© Copyright 2022 moedavis. All rights reserved.

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