Simplicity Of Words

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An attempt to get simplicity back in our lives..

Submitted: November 21, 2014

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Submitted: November 21, 2014



Simplicity of Words: A forgotten Jewel


In my daily life, I come across every type of people, starting from ones which are wealthy and grew up in the presence of almost every possible luxury, then come the middle ones like me, who got anything they needed to move forward in their life but were also taught the way of being a non-miser and a non-waster, and the poor ones, deprived of most of the genuine needs of their life. They are real different from each other but they all have seem to let go one of the major qualities that is Simplicity of words.

Most of the people are aware of word ‘Simplicity’ as a way of dressing or spending, but that’s not all of it. People being more cautious of getting dressed according to the latest fashion than being comfortable in them is certainly an issue but they have also started complicating the words they use for an everyday speech or writing. They consider using complex words to describe their thoughts as something that makes their efficiency level go up by quite some points. How could using the word “Facile” instead of “Easy” make effectiveness of my sentence go up, when both the words deliver the same exact meaning and feeling. Or why would I use “Trepidation” instead of “Fear” while speaking with someone on a simple issue. One could argue that a good vocabulary is a beneficial trait but that doesn’t justify complicating a casual talk. If you are going to talk to someone on current weather situation, that person cares more about the information you are going to deliver to him about ongoing weather condition than the words you choose to deliver that information and using complex words is certainly not going to make you an effective speaker of that topic. Simple words make your sentences more effecient and neat.

We should make our daily life’s words simple and keep the complexity of words to professional things only. Having vast vocabulary is a good thing but using it to complicate your message is certainly not the right way to go. I would like conclude with a quote of Walt Whitman here:

``  Simplicity is the glory of expression ``

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