Best Friends Forever

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They come to together and they die together at the hands of the same woman. They all came into that horrible, abandoned hospital to save a little three year old girl that couldn't protect themselves. They all lived together and died together. They'll truly be Best Friends Forver.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012




Something didn’t feel right. I feel as if someone is watching us. I stop dead in my tracks and cautiously look behind myself for the tenth millionth time. After seeing that no one was there, I kept walking. Just in case someone is following us, I tight my grip on my daughter and start to walk faster. You can’t blame me for being paranoid. After all, I’m walking home at ten o’ clock at night my three year old daughter, Elizabeth, and my 7 best friends, Marissa, her step-sister Melisa, Cali, Ariel, Leah, Nina, and Susan.

“Hey mommy!” Elizabeth shouts suddenly.

“Yes dear?” I answer while pushing her black hair behind her ears.

“It’s the old hospital!”

Yeah, our city has an abandoned hospital. It’s located in the middle of town. I’ve never understood why they didn’t just tear it down. I guess it's because of money issues or something.

“So what?” Leah says dully, “It’s just a ratty, old hospital.”

“Well it’s important to Elizabeth and probably important to Emma!” Nina shouts.

“Will you guys stop arguing?” Susan and Cali yell, “You’ll attract a stalker!”

Way to help with my paranoia, guys. I think. My little group of friends is mostly out of high school and most of us are in our late teens or early twenties, Susan being the oldest at 24. But sometimes we still act like little first graders and it’s up to the more mature people to straighten us out. But we all still love each other. Just then, I feel my daughter crawl out of my arms. “Elizabeth, get back here!” I yell

But, it is too late. She is running full speed into the old hospital. I ran after her and the other followed. Then we heard a scream. Elizabeth’s scream. “Elizabeth!” I screamed. I felt hot tears roll down my face. Oh God please let her be ok! I think. When we get inside, Elizabeth was nowhere to be found. I start to lose all hope in finding her when I start to hear a cracking noise coming from the roof of the old building. Tons of steel and concrete fell into front of the doorway, blocking it. My friend Marissa and her step-sister, Melissa started to scream. “Shut up guys! Someone dangerous could be in here! We don’t want them to find us!” Cali whispered.

I feel beads of sweat form on my forehead and quickly wipe it away. I pull my light brown hair into a ponytail and pin my bangs and fringe back. I rub the dust from my pale blue eyes and calm myself down. I have to find her. I have to protect all I have left. I had Elizabeth when I was 16 and her father was long dead by the time she was born. I left behind everything for her. School, friends, even my family, it was all for her. And what kind of a mother would I be if I didn’t save my child?

“Hey! Somebody call the police! Now!” I yell.

“I don’t have any signal!” Marissa shouts while cursing at her cell phone

“Me either!” Melisa and Ariel shout.

I feel like panicking, but I know I can’t. No signal at all? What’s going on? How will we find Elizabeth without the police? I guess we’ll have to do it on our own. Marissa and the other roam around the dusty hallway searching for a signal, but they all give up eventually. I suddenly feel a gust of wind and I hear Ariel gasp.

“Hey Emma!” Ariel yells

“What is it?”

“It’s a message.”


It read:

I have your daughter and I am holding her as a hostage. If you want her back you’ll to find me and watch all your friends get killed.


Lorna Frost

Oh no I think. Not her! Anyone, but her! Lorna Frost is a famous serial killer that has managed to eluded police for about five years. She is responsible for over 40 peoples’ deaths, including Elizabeth’s father, who was killed three months before Elizabeth was born. The police said it was a robber, but I know better. I could tell it was her by the way she kills; a stab to the heart.

I drop the note and scream at the top of my lungs and of course, Cali told me to shut up because I know she is just as scared as the rest of us. I start to hear hard breathing and footsteps coming from the shadows. A woman appears out of the dingy hallways of the hospital. She is wearing a white mask with two slits in the eye areas and a green wig. We are all frozen. None of us move a single muscle. She pulls out a large knife and charged at tiny Marissa. Marissa runs for her life, nearly tripping over her own feet in the process. Her eyes are filled with tears as she tries to escape her death, but it is too late for that. The woman has already caught up with her and killed her with one strike to the heart.

 Melisa charges at the woman, but the woman slips back into the shadows to prepare for more killings. There little tiny Marissa lay, in a pool of her own blood. Her pink hair was now dyed red with blood and her brown eyes are wide with agony. She was only sixteen. She had dreams of becoming a doctor, but that was all gone now Melissa knells down by her body and starts to cry/scream and we join in. Even the uptight Cali sang our agonizing song. The chorus of screams and cries echo through the halls of the hospital and hopefully, onto the streets.

“What are we gonna do?!” Ariel screams.

“I don’t know!” Cali yells.

“I tell you what we’re gonna do!” I shouted. The group looks towards me for guidance and wisdom.


We all race down the halls of the hospitals, desperately looking for an exit. At some point, we got separated. From what I could tell, Ariel, Cali, and Melissa are together, which will be good because Melisa is a good fighter, and I am with Nina, Susan, and Leah. At least Nina is optimistic, Leah has wonderful hearing, and Susan is very smart.I am terrified by the fact the Lorna Frost is after us. But my main priority is to find Elizabeth and get the hell out of here.



Ariel’s point of view

After about ten minutes, we stop to catch our breath. Hey, only Cali joined the track team and Melisa and I aren’t exactly in the best of shape. I look over at Melissa. Tears are running down her cheeks and her long blue hair is draped over her face. Cali is comforting her and watching her back at the same time. I know she is mourning her lovely little sister.

Marissa and Melissa were more like best friends than step-sisters. Melisa is only a year older than Marissa so they were always in school together. In middle school, Melissa always used to protect Marissa from bullies who teased about her pink hair. No one ever messed with Melissa. Even when she dyed her hair that ridiculous shade of blue, no one told it looked ridiculous. It was because everyone was scared of her. She is so strong and scary, seeing her like this is so heartbreaking.

I take a slow, deep breath and push my bright red hair back. I never expected this to happen to me. I thought this only happens in horror movies. I see my reflection in a broken window. My skin is paler and my green eyes are fading in color. That’s what fear does to me. It makes me much uglier.

At the end of the old hallway, I see the woman that killed Marissa, Lorna Frost. Cali sees her too and grabs Melissa and me and pushes us forward. Lorna pulls a gun out of her black robes and shoots Cali in the back of the head. We scream and run for what seems like forever. We think we lost her, but we spoke too soon. She is right behind us the whole time. We reach the end of the hallway and I silently pray to God She pulls out the knife she’d killed Marissa with. It still had her red blood on its silver blade.

“I can’t go on living without her!” Melisa yells.

“What are you going to do Melisa?!” I scream.

Melissa looks at me with her sad, deep blue eyes and charges at Lorna’s knife, impaling herself with it. She looks at me and says “Goodbye…” She falls to the ground with tears in her eyes.

Lorna starts to walk over to me with her knife. I can feel rivers of tears streaming down my face as I see my killer. She approaches me and points the knife straight at my chest and says “Goodbye, little lost lamb.” Then, everything goes to black and I know I would be dead before I hit the ground.


Emma’s point of view

We come around the corner and we horrified by what we see. Three bloody bodies that are scattered around the room. It is Cali, Ariel and Melissa. We screamed even though we were more sad than scared. I kneel down by Cali’s body. Her blonde hair is soaked with blood from the gunshot wound on the back of her neck and her pale blue eyes are closed. Melisa had a huge stab wound in her chest and her face was laced with sadness. Ariel had tears still rolling down her face and you could see her blood in her bright red hair. This killer has taken three more of my best friends. The rest of us have to get out of here as soon as possible.

 All of the sudden, a woman with black hair and red eyes appeared out of an old office and jumps on Susan’s back, pulling her to the ground. Nina grabs the woman and breaks her arm as if it is made of glass. A man appears as well. He has gray hair and piercing greens eyes. The man knocks out Nina and Susan with one swift punch and stands behind the woman. The woman knocks Leah out with her good arm and turns towards me. They look at me with their cold, dead, eyes and say, “Nighty night!” and everything turns to black.

We wake up in an old office, the kind that people are brought into to hear the death of a loved one. I’m sure many tears have been shed in this cursed room. We are all tied up loosely with old rope that can easily break. I would escape, but I can feel that someone is watching us.

“Hello girls….” A voice says evilly. It is Lorna, fully dressed in her black robes, white mask that now has blood stains on it, and her green wig. “I’m sure you’ve met my henchmen, Wanda and Erik.” The man and the woman from earlier suddenly appear behind Lorna. They start to snicker and whisper to each other. They’re probably wondering how Lorna will kill us.

“What do you want with us?!We never did anything to you” Leah yells while whipping her strawberry blonde hair in an erratic motion.

“I want your life.”

“You’re insane! No wonder you kill people! You are obviously mentally ill!” Susan screams.

“I hope you’ll cooperate with my plans.” Lorna continues as if she didn’t here Susan at all.

“Hell No! We will not sit here and die for your entertainment!” Nina yells.

“Very well…..”

Lorna pulls out a gun and points it at Nina’s face. Nina skin turns an unhealthy white and her grey eyes widen with fear. Lorna shoots Nina in the forehead, killing her immediately. Then, she walks over to Leah and shoots her in the temple, killing her too. I squirm out of the old rope, grab Susan and run as fast as I can. We run and run and run and run until we reach an operating room. That’s where we find my little Elizabeth. She is tied down to the table and has many cuts and bruises all over her body. Her pretty brown eyes and the back of her throat have the most severe cuts and she was unconscious from blood loss.  Susan checks her pulse while I cut the rope that ties her down to the table with a sharp scalpel.

“Her pulse is faint,” Susan says while playing with her long black hair, “We need to get out of here fast so we can get her proper help”

“Ok. We’re on the third floor, so there has to be a staircase somewhere around here.”

“Well, we’ll just have to find it!” Susan says, hiding her fear.

I scoop Elizabeth in my arm and run down the hallway, desperately looking for an exit. I want to kill her. I want to kill Lorna Frost with my bare hands. After killing my best friends and doing this to my daughter, I want her head on a silver platter. What good will that do? It will make me just as bad as her. I should just let the police handle this.

Me and Susan soon reach a door that has a sign with steps on it. Our joy is indescribable. We are so glad that we’ll be escaping this nightmare alive, but we had to leave so many people behind. Out of nowhere, Lorna appears behind Susan.. She holds out her gun and shoots Susan in the chest. I screamed as Susan reaches out to me in her dying moments. It’s like a silent plea for me to escape with Elizabeth. She falls on the ground with a thump and blood soon starts to cover the floor. Lorna walks over to her and shuts her big, black, emotionless eyes.

I am overwhelmed with anger, grief, and fear. This murderer has ruined my life in a couple quick hours. Two hours ago, I was walking home with my daughter and best friends. Two hours ago, I had a normal life. Now it’s all gone and it’s Lorna Frost’s fault.

“Who are you?!” I yell suddenly, “Why are you killing my best friends?! Why did you kill my boyfriend?! Why did you nearly kill my daughter?!”

“I’m killing people to get to you,  my dear sister.”

She removes her blood stained mask and wig to reveal a face just like mine. From my blue eyes to my light brown hair, she is me.

“No! It’s impossible!” I scream.

“Oh, it is very possible Emma.” She says spitefully

“I didn’t even know you existed. Why are you here and not with me?!”

“Our mother and father only had enough money to keep one of us. And they chose you.” Lorna says with jealousy in her voice.

“Why did you kill my friends then and my boyfriend?!”

“You deserved it. You were the perfect child, the one who was above me. It seems we’ve traded places, huh sis?”


 Without even thinking, I charge at Lorna, but she stabs me in the shoulder and I drop Elizabeth and collapse from the pain. I try to reach for Elizabeth, but Lorna grabs her before I do. I look up at Lorna, my horrid twin sister. She is holding Elizabeth, her niece, with one hand and a silver hammer in the other. She raises the hammer above my head and says “Goodbye sister. It was good fun while it lasted!” Then, I fall into an endless pit of darkness.



 9 months later…..

I wake up in a room with white walls and tiled floors. I try to sit up in my lumpy bed, but my head hurts too much to even move my neck. I am extremely confused. I can’t remember anything about what happened before I woke up in this strange place, but it’s all a blank. “Where am I?” I say quietly. I heard a woman dressed in blue scrubs call for the doctor. I guess she is a nurse. Does that mean I am in a hospital?

“Look doctor she’s awake!” Exclaims the nurse.

“Oh, well it seems Sleeping Beauty has finally woken up!” I hear a man say. I guess he’s the doctor.

He walks over to my bed and check my blood pressure, heart rate, and various other things. He then walks over to me at looks her in the eyes.

“Ms., can you tell us your name?” asks the old doctor.

“I- I don’t know. I can’t remember anything.”


Two years later…….


It’s been two years since I woke in that hospital bed. The doctor told I had sustained a serious concussion and I spent a nine months in a coma. They thought I would never wake up. I had also lost my memory. I forget everything and everyone. My parents, friends, lovers, pets, it was all gone. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learn that my name is Emma and I am 23 years old. I’ve learned that I have a 6 year old daughter named Elizabeth and that she is currently in foster care. She is now blind and mute because of an accident that happened when she was three. I learned that I was almost killed by an accident and that 7 other people were killed the night I almost died. Even though I can’t remember anything, I somehow know that I was close to the other victims. That they were my friends.

 I left the hospital a while ago and I was seeing a physiatrist to help me get my memories back. But, he told me not to continue because of the horrible people that are haunting my memories. Cause of the accident was never found and there haven’t been any more since then. I wish I could mourn for the other victums, but I don’t remember much about them. All I remember is that we will be best friends forever. You might think I’m paranoid for saying this. Some days I feel like something or someone evil is watching me, waiting for the perfect moment to kill me and laugh at my death.



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