It All Started With a Hello....

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Just a short story I wrote after my friend broke up with her long time boyfriend :)

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012




It All Started With a Hello.......

It all started with a hello. You were fourteen and so was I. We met on the first day of freshmen year. I remember how nervous I was and how you were the first one to talk to me. I remember you said "Hey, I'm Dominic." and I responded with "I'm Shannon." We sat together in every class we had together from that day on. I remember all the stupid conversations we had. Remember the one were all we talked about was our favorite foods? I do.

I remember when I first went over to your house. Your mom freaked out and thought I was your girlfriend. But we quickly told that we weren't together. I remember your room. You had the New York Yankees everywhere! You told that baseball was your favorite sport and that one day you'll play for the Yankees just like all the other big players on the team! I remember when I started watching you at baseball practice and I remember when I started coming to all of your games. I would cheer for you every time you came up to bat. Whether you struck out or got a home run, you got a cheer out of me.

I remember the summer between freshmen and sophomore year. That was when you asked me to be your girlfriend. I remember our first date too. We went to the state fair and we had so much fun. I remember my first kiss. We were on my front porch after we came back from the fair. You were able to take my first kiss and you nearly got pummeled by my daddy.

I remember how we were together all through sophomore year and that summer between sophomore and junior year. I remember how during the sixth week of junior year when we had our first fight. It all started when you told me you wanted to go to a minor league team near New York in order to be able to someday be drafted for the Yankees. I said that I would come with you and you told me to stay here. I asked why and you told me that I need to finish school and go to college. I told you that you should stay here until you graduate high school and finish college. 

"You never supported your dream!" You yelled 

"I supported you from the day I met you so don't go around accusing me of not supporting you!" I yelled back.

That's when you lost your temper and slapped me. I was in a state of shock at first, then I started to cry. I cried as hard as I could and you kept apologizing over and over again. You wrapped your arms around me and held me till I stopped crying. You told me that we could put the baseball thing aside for now and we were OK after that. We had a few small fights, but nothing major like that.

I remember when we took a trip together. We drove from Cornelius, North Carolina to Holden Beach, North Carolina in your big, red truck. We rented out a beach cottage for a weekend and we had so much fun. Remember that huge splash fight we had? Remember when we spent the whole afternoon just lying on the beach? Remember when we both made the biggest promise in our lives? We promised that we would get engaged once we graduated high school and we would get married when we were in our twenties. Hopefully I'll be done with college and you'll be on a baseball team.

I remember how fast senior year went by. It seemed like in a split second it was already May and we were getting ready to graduate. I remember our senior prom. My dress was a beautiful royal purple and your tuxedo was fancy black. We dance to almost every song. We soon got bored and decided to leave the country club that our prom was at and go back to our high school. It was surprisingly unlocked and we walked around the whole school until we reached the class room were we first met in. Room C204, the room that changed my whole life. As I walk around the room, you grab my hand gently and you smile that perfect smile that I love. You suddenly get down on one knee and pull out a black box with a ring inside. The ring was silver and it had a tiny diamond encrusted in it. 

"Will you marry me?" You asked nervously.

"Yes!" I shouted while I throw my arms around you.

When we told our parents they couldn't be more happier. Our mothers were going on and on about the wedding ever after we told them we're going to wait until we were in our twenties.

So graduation came and went and we were so glad high school was over. We left school early and went back to my house. My father gave me an envelope once we walked through the door. It was my acceptance letter into Duke University. We all jumped and shouted with joy and now all we had to do was wait for your acceptance letter to the colleges you applied or a call from a minor league team. The next day we decided to go to Lake Norman just to talk. You told me that a minor league team near New York called you up and they wanted you to start right away. I remember telling you that you should go to them while I stay and finish college at Duke. I knew we were both super nervous about a long distance relationship, but we told ourselves that we would be alright.

Our relationship lasted for a long time after that. We talked almost everyday and I always came to see you in New York when I had the chance to catch a flight. We always went back to Cornelius for the holidays and you always hung out with me when you were in the off season. I remember my second year of college when our talks grew less and less frequent. I remember the day of November 17th when you said that this relationship wasn't going to work out and we broke up. I cried for days and days until my roommates, Samantha and Killion took me out for a long time. We went to a club and just had a good time. After that, I started to get better little by little. Samantha and Killion always told me you were no good. But you were good, we just made mistakes.

I graduated two years later with my degree in teaching science in highschool. It was on the 18th day of my first year teaching when I heard your name on the T.V. The boys in my freshmen class turned on the Yankees v.s. Red Soxs game on the class T.V after a test. I saw you on the Yankees, running around the bases. Apparently you just got a home run and won the 24th game in your career. You were considered the best player on the Yankees even for your young age of 22. I can just remember smiling. You got your dream and you got so much more. You're probably going to get into the Hall of Fame someday. Maybe they'll even retire your number, number 14. Later you did an interview with a reporter after the game. By this time the whole class was watching.

"What drove to become this good at such a young age?" The reporter asked.

"Well there was a girl in my hometown named Shannon Marcach. She pushed me to do my best and I can't think her enough for that." You replied.

I nearly dropped all the papers in my hand when I heard that. I clutched the ring you give me so long ago that is now on my right hand instead of my left. My students soon bombarded me with questions like "Is Dominic Cavallo really talking about you?" and "Did you and him used to be a couple?"

I sigh and tell them bits and pieces from the story to avoid giving away too much. They still had many questions, but I told them I didn't have time for them all today. Then the final bell of the day rang and all of my students rushed out of the classroom. All except one. A girl named Mckenna Curtis. She is very quiet and shy, much like me before I met you.

"Mckenna you're going to miss your bus." I said.

"I'll leave soon. I just have one question."

"OK, what is it?"

"Do you think you'll ever see Dominic again? Because my mom thinks that she'll never see my dad again if he ever comes back from over seas." She said sadly.

I paused and thought for a moment. "Probably not. I mean he's a big star now, but I still want to see him do his best and I'll still support him." I said.

"Do think my dad will come back?"

"Of course I do."

"Ms.Marcach, can you tell me what really happened with you and Dominic?" She asks.

I sighed and look her straight in the eye. "OK, I'll tell you the real story. But you can't tell anyone. And don't worry about going home. I'll drive you back to your house."

"I promise I won't tell anyone!" She said happily.

I smile and think of you so I can tell our story right. "It all started with a hello."


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