Love Is Out There - MT

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Love Is Out There

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



Love is out there
I just don't know where
Look for it I will go
I'll be careful and take it slow

I'm not asking for much
Just a girl with the right touch
A sense of humor would be good
We’ll keep it simple, everything understood

I just wanna hold her in my arms
She will have me under her mystic charms
So I'm gunna look for her everywhere
And my heart with her I will share

I just can't get hurt again
I don't know if I can take the pain
Of having a broken heart
Promise me that we will never part

The last one left a scar deep
It hurt so much, I couldn't even sleep
Just don't lie at all
And in love we will fall

I can't bare the pain of lying
And the only remedy seems to be crying
My last breath I will take
Before I let myself break...

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