So Tired - MT

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So Tired

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



I’m just so tired of trying
It  sad how I’m slowly dying
Broken real bad on the inside
But the pain is what I’m trying to hide

Back in my shell I will go
And there is nothing more you need to know
I tried so hard with you
But I know we are through

I need to forget about the good times we had
And how we were once so glad
Never thought this day would come
How could I have been this dumb

Never thought about what the future would hold
I listened to my heart and let the rest unfold
I’m done with this hurt and pain
My heart is crippled it now needs a cane

You were nothing like my past loves
Together we were like a pair of doves
Now I’m done with this dumb game
My heart is broken and you are to blame

Forgetting you is the hardest thing I will do
But to my heart you were never true
That is why I have to let you go
And my pain to you I will never show…

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