the brothers sword

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its about two brothers there love coast there life

Submitted: July 18, 2008

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Submitted: July 18, 2008




book of legend says….. I have done things, and had things happen to me and no body knows about it so am writing about it so the people know how hard for me to be a prince but my people say nothing is hard to do unless you get upset about it, but truly I don’t know why everybody is fighting about that sword, some people says because its pretty and charming, and some people say to have a reputation, but for me just because the legend said so, I was hiding my name for everybody because if the people of catholic knew my name I will be dead, the legend says that some one his name is Pablo will free the sword ,that’s why I hide my name ,am afraid if I didn’t free the sword I will humiliate my family my father, the king, only my father know my real identify, my father said to me I must tell my people that the trip will begin, in this trip thousand of people will die for this sword and suffer the war had begun every country in the world knew about it, so a lot of people went looking for the sword but first they need to find the book keeper the prince went to find the cave hoping that he well find the bookkeeper in the way he was running away from the enemy every body wanted to kill him because they think that he well free the sword and take the sword ,and end this for everybody, on the way he saw the book keeper suffering on the ground saying help me, the prince said first you tell where is the book then I will help you, he said no you help me I will till you where is the book he took him under the tree and cure him for a little while , the bookkeeper said I only till where is the book to the legendary Pablo , he said I am Pablo , the bookkeeper said I was looking for you so long he said the book is in a old library in west Hagerstown , he said to him also be careful there are two swords you must choose the one that cant control you, one mistake can kill you , so he went to west Hagerstown finding the book he al saw his brother there ,he said is that you Zach ,the other one said is that you Pablo they hug each other so long , Pablo said where were you brother it been a long time since I saw you why did you left the house, he said my dad keep prepare me to be the future king so I didn’t stand it any more so I left the house, Pablo said I love you but in the same time I hate you for leaving us, Zach said please forgive me brother I was to angry that time, know lets go and find that book together, Pablo said do you know about the book, he said I spend my entire life searching for that book when I reached the place I found you know lets go , they entered the library they saw a lot of books there, Pablo said lets split you search in the left side and I will search in the right side, so they keep looking for hours until they found two books, every book Leeds to one cave, the cave Leeds to the sword they read the two books, they say that the books talks about where is the cave, and one of these swords is evil, and that you must choose your destiny, so they said to each that they need to split again so the two brothers found the caves every brother wish that he takes the evil sword , Pablo pick the good sword, Zach saw the evil sword he tried to run away before it control him but it was too late, Pablo was sad he saw his brother killing the people Pablo was afraid to stop him but he had no choice, he saw Zach trying to kill his father but Pablo destroyed the sword and destroyed his brother with the sword , Pablo was sad and angry he couldn’t stand on his feet, then he disappear, some people say that he kill him self because of his sadness, some people say that he traveled to other country , the love of the two brothers can kill each others, that’s what the legend says is that what well happen or not?

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