4 Principles to avoid the culture-shock

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Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012





No one can deny that we leave in period that is very difficult to shut your door in front of the new coming from the other countries and nations. This necessity of opening the door to allow the access of the different cultures and issues obliges us to ask a question;

How do we behave positively toward the coming of others cultures without giving our identity?

As an answer to this question, we suppose three principles that regulate the act of Openness to other cultures:

1 – Self-respect:

This point is extremely important and fundamental; to give a sense and value to myself and my country means to give up all the meaning and stereotypes that lower our image and reduce our self-esteem,

Let me ask you a question?

Can you imagine a person without self-esteem could be a good citizen and produce effectively?

Surely, the logic answer is sharp no!

To sum up, for better image and value, the first step is to esteem ourselves and work on that esteem to convert it from abstract to concrete image that is real.

2 – Respect the law of variation:

To esteem myself is not minimize the others; therefore, it means to esteem also the others.

My esteem to the others is the offspring between my self-esteeming that is based on the act and esteeming the humanity as an act of global citizenship.

I read in a book of management an interesting quotation: “The difference between the members is the introduction of the positive reaction between them “. To clarify the meaning and approach the image, suppose that you and I are similar, how can I benefit something from you and how can you benefit from me? If there is no difference of potential there is no current!

And also, another quote states:”Cultural diversity makes the world a picturesque, heterogeneous and pleasant place with the regard to the various cultures around the globe.”

3 – Where you are working and thinking I renew and produce: Collaboration:

Many hands make a light work. Moreover, a country can produce by hardworking something special and virtuous, but it goes without saying that the work of two people equal a work of one.

Two partners have two different ideas, concepts and paradigms, and the reaction of these two groups of conceptions can surely produce new ideas and booming combinations that is brilliant.

Like in Chemistry, The auto-react of an element A:

AB + C

You see that the results B and C are just sub-elements, thus, there is no something new and virtuous.

Whereas, when you have to reactors you have in the end new combination:

A + B C + D

C and D are new combinations.

And another example in other field, When you make a marriage between a male and female that are descendent from a clear offspring you have ever the same type, whereas, when you make a marriage between a male and female that are not the same, you have new combinations that are revealed in the offspring.

Thus, many hands make a light work.

4 – System of O-C Open-Close:

As we said before, the way that you are opening the door is very important and very dangerous also. The coming from the other cultures and nations is like a lake that contain a sweet and carnivore fishes that are dangerous.

The system of open-close is based on refusing and rejecting the coming and accepting and giving the access for the new and special things that are coming in.

This simultaneity of these two operations gives to the country a chance to make a large step toward the sustainable development.





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