5 Values that we see that are the most important

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The most important values in your life

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012





1 - Responsibility : this one of the greatest value that have a real and effective touch ( contact ) with our life, if you were not responsible you are unfortunately losing yourself between your hands, and you lose control of your behaviors, furthermore, you ostensible  ( pretend )  illusions and paradigms that are made by illusion and lack of understanding.

Why they are disturbing me?

You don’t see, I don’t have anything that is wrong?

The main cause of my problems is my friend!

The teacher is very despot, he don’t understand my point of view!

If you focus your sight in the right corner you will conclude that these hypotheses are just illusions and fake ( pseudo ) reasons, To take the responsibility of my life is to believe that everything that flowing in my life is made(n) by me, and for changing this unpleasant state, I should change my own ideas, thus, I change the state.

2 – Openness, open-mindedness : to have a large and wide interest for the others models of seeing the world, I accept and respect my model of seeing the world but also I respect the other views and I tend to discover, share and partook for developing and extending my competences and knowledge.

3 – Respect: To give a sense and value to myself and the others for living in peace and euphoria.

4 – Learning: Have you ever seen a blind traveling from Morocco to Japan without guide? Sure, Impossible. The knowledge is lamp that illuminates and makes clear your vision for seeing the things; it is the best guide for an unforeseen goal.

5 – Hard work : All these previous value are related with this, HARD WORKING, if you have the concept of responsibility and you were open-minded, and have respect and the ambition of learning, can you improve yourself without hardworking ? No way!

Hard work is the fuel that is difficult to burn; you are suffering from burning this fuel in your spirit but after you will be in marvelous state of happiness and euphoria.



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