A hard day

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Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012






It was a shaining day, I got up from my bed with a sense of happiness and impatience to go to the beach in Saidia, the weather was fabulous for swimming…

In the same time I was running with my bike I was observing the nature, I enjoyed passing near of the red flowers that her fragant makes me in state of euphoria, I was also seeing the people talking and singing, I recalled my mind and I have gone in deep reflexion : How can I drive without taking with my two hands ?

After this moment I can’t remember anything just when I recall my conscience I felt a very hard pain that was incredible im my hand, I turned my head for saw what’s the matter, the I discovered that my hand was broken even the bone break the skin, indeed I had double-fracture.

The pain was extremly high and suffocant, the blood was in great mass in my hand, I was lost, be broked the hand in the middle of the way that takes to the beach instead of enjoying swimming in the beach. My sight was foggy and unclear, I see the radius of the sun scatter all things that was in my sight, I was blind for a while.

I can’t maintain the pain for a long time, the tears was glissing in my cheeks in silence with a potentiel pain the spirit.

In a certain moment, one hand takes me up and bring in his car, this man was very kind and he askes me about my hand and tells me that he would bring me to the hospital, in every dodane the car was thrilling that also thrilling my hand that is broken into half, and the tears again was running from my eyes and wet my T-shirt in silence.

When the pain was getting the highest levels my eyes was closing in hard way, I slept…

I got up with a high flash in my eyes, I saw the doctors running with theirs masks in their mouthes, their moves was so fast that I can’t get any stable picture, I was so weak, they was focusing the flash in my eyes wich makes me troubled and anxious, I would sayed «  this high light from my eyes !» but I was in state of high pain and my spirit was so weak for utter any word.

I can’t remember what goes after… When I got up I saw my parents near of me and some members of my family, that was weird, my hand had a rough touch, then I saw two bars of iron inside it, (hand ) and the blood was fresh around the position of these bars. My hand was very heavy and inflated.


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