Devote what you want

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There is no set-back, there are experiences!

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012





If you have the pleasure to do something, and you planned for it. And when you do your first step and you see that consequences are different from your goal unforeseen. If you let this goal and say to yourself: I cannot do this, it is hard to me! Unfortunately, you got the wrong end of the stick.

If you focus your sight on the right and correct corner, you conclude that you get a new experience in the way you work, and you have a new fuel that makes you move to realize your goal.



-Have a positive vision for yourself

You are the only controller of your ideas, and you are the most influent force that adapts what goes inside you, no one can change what you believe in if you don’t allow, you are the master of yourself!

For example, if you say to yourself I can’t do something ( like writing an article ) you create inconsciouly a force that boost your own speech.

You language has a power that is very strong on yourself! Just believe in it.

Comtemplate your own state now and close your eyes,

Describe what you feel and write it in paper.

After you recall what you say and believe before your state, and write it above what you describe about your state.

Moreover, You conclude the relation between what you say and believe and what you get at the end, Ask yourself this question?

You will see that what you get in the end it is surely what you say and believe before.



Positive vision

Negative vision


-Surely, I can do it.

-The next step, I will succeed.

-Failing makes a great success.

-Always I try.

-I don’t give up, never!

-The important thing is to practice and do what I want frequently.

-I will try to acquire the best way to do something even in the 10000 experience.

-This day, I will reach what I want.

-This day, I will be happy and kind.

-I love myself and everybody.


-What are you saying, I can’t do it.

-The next step, I will fail certainly.

-Failing is the worst thing in life.

-Never, try to make me nervous.

-I am very weak to do this thing.

-I am very stressed and anxious,

When I try again, I will be more nervous.

-I can’t do anything.

-Tomorrow, I will do this thing.

-Tomorrow, I will be happy and kind.

-The humans are disasters, and I hate myself.


Surely, you understand how the words have a real effect in the spirit on reading this two opposites ideas and paradigms, The first when he says a pros words and believe in what he says he should be - after working hardly - in the state what he says before., whereas, the second with his negative and optimistic ideas and paradigm that weave by himself only, and urge that himself is the own responsible in what he says and believe, and after he reaps the disasters of what he says and believe and work on it.

You Are the programmer of yourself :

Programs that are saved in your spirit is what we called a habit, in other expression,

an act that repeated regularly is saved in the memory for a long term, and your brain is adapted on the sort of this act, day after day, this act should be easier than before, and heavy for remove it expect when you have a strong will, when there is will, there is certainly a way.

Imagine yourself in front of a PC that you buy it with an expensive price, This PC are the source of your work, what you should program in this Pc for having a wonderful result in your work ?

Yourself is incomparable with any PC


 You are like a garden that arose in his garden ( Spirit ) what he wants ( ideas, paradigms, ideas, beliefs… )

And after you


Reject that what you don’t want, and devote what you want :


From this second reading this words that going through your eyes, make a verdict to protect yourself from any negative program or habit, reject it strongly and translate it in positive habit or program,

-How can I reject a habit ?

The question is very simple; you should respect these steps on changing one of your habits:

-Strong will,

-Think by using your imagination and your brain competences to incarnate your new state after you change this habit.

-Think if you stay on your bad habit, what are you feeling?

-Make a flexible plan, no strong mutation, concise and apply what you want step by step.

-Continue practicing until you make a difference.

-When you got the positive habit, pass on translate other bad habit.

-Practice the concept of continuing-building-yourself; don’t stop, certainly this day you will attain to get new good manners.

-When you practicing this steps regularly, translate the bad habits into an excellent habit became a habit.




A method to calculate how effect ideas in the act of the person:

Daily, you get 57600 new ideas.

We considerate that every idea has a charge and energy that we called IdeasEnergyUnit,

1 ieu = equal the energy that result from an idea in 1 second.

Consequently, you guide 57600 ieu daily in what you thinking the whole day.

For more comprehension, a habit has as a minimum value that is 75600 ieu, thus, you should make a great and regular effort to minimize the IEU of the habit.

We considerate that the bad habits have an effect negative,

We write  -75600 ieu.

For example, this day you will minimize the effect of the habit by 800 ieu and tomorrow by 900 ieu, and in 19 or 20 days you will remove the bad habit, and the end the value of this habit is 0 ieu it’s means no effect. And after, you will increase the effect of the right habit by increasing the IEU, this day you achieve 900 ieu, and tomorrow you will devote the habit by increasing the value by 1000 ieu, it’s means 1900 ieu in two days, and day after day, you will forming an effective skills and habits by increasing the positive IEU.


Your Parents :

The first source of programming is our parents, once involved in this world the spirit of the children is absorbed by the orders of his parents:

They looked at you with their eyes and rise with their fingers:

Do that! And don’t do this!

The will of the children is mantel pieced, no place for rejecting or accepting ideas or analyzing the orders, just apply!

Your period of youth is made by your parents, your:




-Ideas and beliefs,


For clarify the idea, imagine an act that your parents tend to devote on you since you were kid, and imagine what you want,

When you have 10, the value of this habit is 8000000 ieu, just imagine! And this is real!

The aim of this article is not searching and explaining the different sources of programming but how we make the control in programming ourselves further than other unusable programmers.

No one has an absolute right, no doubt, your parents sometimes have wrong ideas and beliefs but they were programming you by a right faith and will that gives you happiness, you should from this moment make a flash back and analyze every habit, words, emotions, orders….

And reject what is unusable for you and devote what is good and benefic.


Social weather :

The area of programming is extended by go on the new source of programming it is the social weather:

It is your friends, colleagues, you partners, your neighborhoods, to sum up all you know.



Media :

Media has a tremendous effect in your psychological structure – feelings, ideas, beliefs, emotions, acts … - You are in front of The tv and you watch a program that you enjoy and after 5 minutes you see that you copy what you watch  

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