Smoking= kill yourself

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Please avoid these causes!

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012




I smoke, he smokes, we smoke

On this article, the goal is to analyze the causes and consequences of taking cigarette between fingers and drop out the smoke in the fresh air.

Firstly, there are many causes that involved the teenager to take smoking, we will don’t research every causes individually , but we suppose three causes that we saw that are the principals causes of take up smoking, and the others are just like a results.

1 – To show up:

Like says Psychologist every human has a inner impulse that we called “To prove myself, and be something that exist “, and the teenager with his lack of experience and understanding he focus his sight on take up smoking like a source of “to prove myself”, and he will say with any doubt : I will smoke.

2 – Troubled Social weather:

Once, a wise say: show me the persons who you are near of them and I will certainly defining who you are. When a teenager is among certain people that taking the act of smoking like a habit he will consider smoking as an act that is normal and vacant from any danger, he says to himself why you don’t do the same thing that everybody do, you think that you are special, and he decide with an air of naiveté and the narrow sight: I will smoke.

3 – Necessary of idol (imitation):

The first step of life is passing through the path of youth, this period of life has a characteristic that is dominated by emitting parents and everybody that have with us a certain type of contact. When this children or teenager see his parents or someone that is considered like an idol smoking he will say: I will smoke.

In the other side, there are many consequences:

1 – Problem of safety:

No one can reject the bad consequences and effects of smoking on our well-being:

Firstly, the blood pressure are getting the highest levels in the case of missing cigarettes,

Therefore, Nervous system are affected and he is damaging by the quantity of cigarettes,

Furthermore, Lungs are suffering from the permanent circulation of the potential danger in the pharynx and veins, and unlimited dangers…

2 – Psychology troubles

There is no regulation in cigarette, the human is sighing and running before any cigarette that came between fingers, thus, his is in permanent aim of fulfilling his troubles and instability of system that make him in permanent anxiety and make him in upmost nervous state. Consequently, his is suffering in order to reach a stable state and get a certain sense of euphoria, everything that mean ‘ no cigarette ‘ mean something that is dangerous and getting in his nervous.

3 – Troubled relationships:

The precedent effect that is applied on one’s self is extending on the level of social area, in other expressions, and before we explain, let me ask you a question:

How can someone that is suffering from health problems and don’t have peace with himself have an excellent relationship and be acceptable in society?

Certainly, he will be blaming every one that makes a fault, and scolding everyone that is in the other side of his side; you see that he is scowling on the faces…

And what are the results; it’s simply break off all the relations and being lonely drop out the smoke in the air, and like we saw, running before the next cigarette to be happy, the fake happiness!


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