The influence of stereotypes

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How stereotypes have an effect!

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012





  • You see that are the « ….. » are mean,
  • No, you get the wrong end of the stick, they are generous,


If you steer and focus on the meaning of theses sentences you will conclude how effect of stereotypes in our models and way of thinking.

All you react and acts are based on image that you have been engraved before by a sense of satisfactory, for example you say that the “…” are generous, thus, you stimulate unconsciously a sense and bias toward this kind of people. And after, when you met someone from these members that you include in your stereotypes and beliefs you will behave gently and kindly and tracing on your lips a smile, all these reacts and feedback are just the offspring of stereotypes and satisfaction that maden by you.

In the first dialogue, the first person makes a pejorative judgment and creates an image in his mind characterized by repulsion and sense of contempt.

The second person makes an ameliorative judgment and creates an image in his mind characterized by attraction and sense of ….

And after, everyone will come back to their home and countries and reporting they judgment  to their families, children, partners, friends,  and with concise word “ society ”.

The first society will say that the “ … ” are mean!

And the second will say that the “ … “ are generous!

You see how these small stereotypes in the past became a global judgment going through the lips of society?

Let me ask you question?

Can you believe that the first judgment can be taken under consideration? or the second?

When we call our sense of analysis and logic we will conclude that pretending that X or Y are mean or not, are just illusions and fake senses. How we can make judgment toward someone that we don’t know about him anything or we make a misunderstanding when he try to transmit to us message that are translate by us to another version. And after, the society will say with an air naïve like do the choral and repeating ‘ X are Mean ‘.

Every idea or belief that is related and connected with satisfaction is simply revealed in the act and feeling, thus the fake and wrong stereotypes make a fake and troubled feeling.

To sum up, we should have a hard a firm withstand toward this flaw of stereotypes that living with us without peing attention to their influence and affection.

For suppress any kind of fake stereotypes we should analyze and choose carefully our concepts and ideas, because our concepts and ideas are working on us for building a form of personality.


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