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First Log of Yuri Zhirkov, Researcher at Vostok Station Antartica

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012



Monday February 21 2012

Lake Vostok Research Facility, Antarctica

Cpl. Yuri Zhirkov


To think it's only been twenty four years and we've finally done something productive on this barren slate of ice. My name is Yuri Zhirkov, and I am the lead scientist at Vostok Research Station Antarctica. I arrived here twenty four years ago, as a child who wanted nothing to do with science, but I did what was best for the motherland and over time science grew on me. To think that when I arrived I was a citizen of the Soviet Union and now I am a citizen of the country of Russia, oh how the times have changed, while this base has not.

But I digress, I am writing today to mark a victory for not only Russia, but for science. Yesterday my assistant, Maciej Kaspar, and I reached the fabled Lake Vostok via drill. Beneath almost two miles of ice lies this untouched haven that is most likely filled with hundreds upon hundreds forms of life. Maciej was so excited that he nearly broke the drill when he realized what we had discovered, and boy would that have set us back. The entire base, all seven of us, had a party last night and it was the most fun I've had in a while, but that is a story for another day.

I think I'm writing this because I am worried, I'm worried that they will take my base and my comrades away from me. I feel like the only reason I'm still stationed here is because they have all but given up on this lake and they are just doing us a favor by keeping this base operational. I feel as if they will bring in the more "qualified" scientists to do what I've done for all my life. What about experience! These "fancy pants" scientists with there degrees from American universities does not compare to the hardship and struggle that I've experience in negative forty degree Celsius weather. Their PhDs will not keep them warm here and I know that they will not last anywhere as long as I did. I did not mean for my anger to mar this important moment of science, but even with my happiness, I am still scared.

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