Beast In The Mirror

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Girl is bitten by a beast-from hell and is saved, and returns home and expierneces weird occurnces and events. She cant seem to eat, without pouring out black-liquid, and her wounds healed myseriously? The full moon will be out tonight...What will happen?

The moon held high, the wind howling harshly, and the leaves dancing along with the gusts. I was walking through the woods, each step my boots would dig into the mud, and grass. The trees branches would continuously swipe me, leaving dark red slashes along my body. Suddenly, I heard a howl; it filled with rage, confusion, and hunger.

Seconds passed, before I heard shrieks, or pain and agony. I stood still, and then before I realized it, my feet were running towards the sound of panic. I kept my hand up, pushing the branches out of my way, and after a few minutes of running, the shrieks stop, and a moment later I come across the body, left on the ground. Torn to shreds, piles of blood surrounding the body, I began to walk over, and check for a pulse, I hold my nose, to block out the revolting smell of blood. The body jerks, the torn female looks at me, and whispers some inaudible

“K-Kill me…”

She mumbles, numbly. I jump in shock, and look at her, the pain she is in hurts my dearly. I shake my head and plead in sorrow

“No, I can’t!”

She pants heavily, and then her chest stops moving. I place two fingers on her neck, and feel for a pulse. Nothing. I gasp, and fall back, into the pile of blood. I retreat to my feet in a second, blood all over, I remove my jacket, and hurl it as far as I can, and sit there; staring the immobile body. I shake off my fear, and get up and began to walk, in my rear view vision, I see a trail, I walk to the prints, and notice it’s shaped as a wolves, the prints made of fresh blood. I began to follow it, staring at the ground trying to keep track. Hours seem to pass, when the track ends. I stand there questionably and ask myself

“Where it’d go…?’

A moment later, growls come from the bushes, as blood-red eyes peer from the bushes. Before I know it, the creature leaps onto me, sinking it vile, yelling teeth into my thigh. It was heavy as boulder, although I could barely see I could tell it was large. I screamed in agony, as its teeth rip out, and plunge into my shoulder. Its teeth went out, I saw its curled mouth, as if it was grinning, I couldn’t feel my arm, I managed to find the strength and turn my head, and see it hanging by a small string of blood-covered skin. I screamed, the pain was gone, but I still feared for my life. If I did survive this, I would still die before I was found. I now embraced death, welcomed it. I scooted back, attempting to escape. It begin to inch forward towards me, suddenly it began to stop moving, I peered open my eyes, and looked, the demonic beast’s face began to turn black, vein bulging as it howled in agony. I looked around, and saw a purple flower, I recognized it as Monkshood, and the legend was it warded of beasts of the night. I never thought it was true, I began to laugh, hysterically and picked it from the bush, and get up, my legs wobbling. And coughed up a chunk of blood, and raw skin, I wiped my mouth, shaking with each movement. I grinned and said to the beasts, doubting it could understand

“What this, don’t like it do you?” It backed off, and howled of anger and ran off into the shadows. I began to lose consciousness every other second, and began walking home. I didn’t think I would make it, but I tried anyways. Each step left a pulse of rushing pain through my body. I walked for hours, I didn’t know how much blood I lost, but I didn’t care to think about it either. I recognized this, this tree has a swing attached; I use to play his every-day as a child. I began to walk faster, the thoughts of home powering me on. I reached the chestnut colored porch, I was home. That’s all that mattered to me now, I felt safe, and began to black out, the vision flicked between black and white, next thing I know, I hit the floor; and I barely feel a thing. I see the door open, and feet walk towards me, voices shout, but to me only appear as a whisper. Hands grab me, and that’s all I remember.

I woke up, who knows how long passed, hours, days, weeks. I find the strength inside me to get up, the bed creaks, and shakes, or perhaps it’s just me. I walk through the door way, each step makes the floorboards snaps, and shakes. Within seconds everybody rushes over, and crowds me with questions, I didn’t hear anything it was all muted out. I breathed heavily, and held my head for it hurt increasingly by the minute. They help me to the couch, but I assure them I am okay. But obviously, they don’t care, they set me down on the velvet red cushions and I lay down, I felt as if my heart was going to beat right out my chest. They still make no sounds, just the constant beating sound. They touch my bandages, of which I had no took no notice of, and peel them off, they look as if they are in shock, the sounds begin to absorb in, my father shakes my shoulder and demands to know what happened, to make sense of what little remains. He shouts

“What happened to your wounds, child!?” It was more fear then anger, I could sense it in his voice. I shake my head and mumble, taking a deep breathe every word

“I-I- don’t know…”

The memories flash back, his face morphs into the foul creature last night, I scream in terror and screaming “Get away! Get away” He holds me down, yelling for me to calm down. I take a deep breath, and explain what happen, as exacted; they look as if I had lost what little of my mind remained. He yells full of rage “Don’t play games! What happened to you” he acts of if the louder he is, the more it’ll help. I get up and answer with “What did I just say! Something attacked me, I have no idea what it was, and I don’t what happened to the bites.” I go and lay down; angrily I crash onto the bed, and stare at ceiling counting to marks. An hour later, my mother brings my food, mash potatoes and chicken. I take a few bites, and a moment later, the plate falls from my hand shattering across the floor, my chest burns as if I were choking. I gasp for air, as black liquid comes draining from my nose, and eyes, blood pouring from my mouth. I fall from the bed, and curl into a ball on the floor as gasp, attempting to call for help. My little sister, Gabriel walks in, and shrieks in terror, they all rush in, and scream. They push me onto the bed, and grab a box of tissues, and wipe the black liquid from my face, only spreading it. I watch as they leave the room, and I heard them shouting at each other, only managing to hear a few words My father screams at my mother, and she begins to cry. He then says

“It’s okay…Everything is going to be just fine.” He says, to comfort him knowing himself it’s a lie. I look out the window, the moon arising from behind the trees. It began to look red, I wiped my eyes, trying to correct my vision, it became it plain white again. I sigh, and drift into a deep slumber. I wake up suddenly, feeling like I was lit on fire. It was burning up in here; I rip off my shirt, and slide of my pants off, every moment wiping my forehead. I open the window, and wait for a breeze but nothing comes. It begins to burn, like acid. I howl in pain, and itch my skin, a black-colored rash begins to elope my arm whole. I fall to the floor as my leg snaps backwards, the bone pierced through the skin; I scream and grab it, shaking uncontrollably. I scream louder, it echoing out the window.

The moon now a blood-red, my back snaps as I feel my spine sliding against my raw skin, and it slides through ripping my skin the shreds. I shriek, and nobody comes to my rescue like before, they must be sleeping. I begin to burst in tears, screaming for help. All my bones snap to pieces, the gruesome cracking nearly making me puke. I cry, and for tears blood slides through, blood coming out of every part of me, my mouth, ears, gums, nose. I feel my gums, I feel something peering through, my teeth fall into my hands, and the slime clotted blood wrapped in a coat surrounding it. I feel now, fangs now inside, pushing each-other to make room. My jaw begins to snap, as they make room, and my skull separates, and I drag my finger-nails along the wood, nails falling out replaced now with claws, four distinct marks now cover the floor. I scream one last time, as it comes as a deeper mutated voice.

I wail as I stand up on all fours, and howl, I couldn’t control myself anymore. I feel as if I’m trapped in a cage, left to watch a horror movie. I watch, as this part of me, snarls and walked down the halls as smells the air. It, or I, growl and takes it claws and slices it through the edge of the door, unlocking it. It creaks open and it walks over to the bed, to see my little sister, sleeping soundly. I cringe in fear, as I know what my beast-self is about to do. It wrapped it claws around the child’s mouth, as she screams in terror. It places one claw, on the inside of her lip, and drags it open clawing her lip as it separates longer and longer looking like the joker who is always scarred to smile.

The child cries as blood falls to the sheets, she pleads for me to stop, but her agony and pain brings me pleasure. It wipes my finger against her bloody lips, and licks it, the blood tasted sweet, and sour. I cringe for more, and sink my teeth into her throat, ripping her jugular to shreds and licking the blood up. I hear a door open from across the hall, and blend into the shadows, behind the door. Its creaks open, and the two people, who look almost unrecognizable scream and collapse mourning the child. I laugh, and a dry cackle appears. I snarl, blood dripping from my curled lips, and leap onto the two and tear them to pieces, blood along the doors and walls. I see the mirror and nothing but a monster appears, I run from my reflection, for it scares me of what I’ve become.

I’m scared of my reflection now, every time I look into it,

I see a beast in disguise.

The End By: Moira Garcia.

Submitted: October 01, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Moira Garcia. All rights reserved.

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Moira Garcia

Im only 13, please, dont be too mean!

Mon, October 1st, 2012 3:34am

Skinny Coutreux

It was nice. The only thing that I would suggest is to make sure that your sentences stay the same. In some you start out in present tense and end in past tense or vice versa.Here and there you had run-on sentences also. Overall good job. Very nice concept and storyline.

Mon, October 1st, 2012 10:58pm

Moira Garcia

Thanks, I'll take you advice, and fix it up later, Im only 13, but Im not as good as everybody else ^.^"

Mon, October 1st, 2012 11:03pm


Look u are very good. And i am 20 and i liked it:-) hm? In your age i wrote like a baby. Now tell me. It was a warewolf wasnt it? I think of the warewolves in the game i play and i love them. Way to go.

Tue, December 18th, 2012 6:42am


Yeah, it was :) Glad you thought it was good! :D

Tue, December 18th, 2012 3:38am

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