Final Judgement

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In class we're studying Edger Allan Poe, we had to create a story like him, setting a tone of 'spooky' this is what I got.

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012



“Awaken…Judgment is nearing”, I heard a voice gently whisper to me, its voice was soft, and seemed nervous. My eyes gently fluttered open; I began to rub my eyes harshly, in front of me nothing but white walls which went on for what seemed like forever, it was impossible to determine how far it actually went.  I hear voices surround me, washing out all my senses but I saw nothing or at least nobody. A small desk all of ten feet in front has a large book it is obvious I’m suppose to open it, I do so but everything is blank. I flip page after page, nothing, but suddenly my name starts to appear in a black ink. I rub my eyes wondering if this is real, the ink turns to a dark red bleeding out my name onto the floor. I collapse in terror, unable to grasp any air choking on my own warm salvia, in a blink of an eye it disappears and then so does the desk.  Replacing it with a figure in front of me, a man stood still, similar to a statue, his lips were dark red and swiftly curved into a welcoming smile. I retreated to my feet, and started to walk; I was a little wobbly as if I was learning how to walk all over again.  The man’s arms opened, as I inched closer I realized the closer I got to him, the closer I felt to home. Within seconds he disappears; a wisp of fog replacing where he once had been, ‘are my eyes playing a tricks on me?’ I quickly thought to myself.  Something lightly taps my shoulder, it feels warm sending a wave of heat down my spine, and I jump around and see the man standing behind me once more. His expression different, it seems much more serious now as he says to me

“I am your judge, destined to decide your final judgment, this place may not be as fancy as you are use too, but this isn’t permanent.”

I try to say something, but no words come out; only forming a series of slurs, and mummers.  He quickly hushes me, and then says to me, in a rather harsh voice

“Quite, I have yet to explain the rest of the story—“

His voice smoothens as a clears his throat and finishes his sentence

“If you are found guilty, you will be punished eternally, if you are found not guilty, you will forever be gorged in luxurious food and items to your very command. We will judge you, watching your life and past decisions, and decide.”
I nod although I’m still full of many questions, and he begins to disintegrate in smoke, an immensely large clock appears on the floor, its never-ending deep toned ticking almost seems to be mocking me,

Tick Tick Tick

The floor suddenly starts shaking; throwing me around like a small pebble. The walls begin to ooze red liquid, its smell nearly makes me vomit, as tortured screams come from below, singing a haunting tune that I swear I’ve heard before

“Midnight has come, the deed is done. This is the date that seals your fate”

The haunting voices increase in sound, repeating that same melody, louder, louder and louder it nearly drives me to the very edge of sanity. I grasp my head, and cover my ears screaming in agony, as the sound rings in my ears. Within a matter of minutes it stops, it felt like hours though; something begins to flow out of the corner of the walls, its pitch black and begins to flood the floor. I heard a child’s breath brush upon my neck, its warm sensation sends a series of shivers down my spine, and voices quietly tell me full of fear and anguish
“The darkness is coming…”

The ‘darkness’ quickly snaps back and forth with a gruesome cracking, detailing every curve and not missing a single fact of a body, taking form of a little boy around the age of 7 or 8, a deformed mutated voice forms as the boy starts crying, his tear-drops falling onto the color-less floor, evaporating into dark purple fog the second they made contact. Listening to him cry, remind me of a time long ago, when I was but a mere child. When I had just received news of my mother’s death, in the hands of my father; I was crying on the corner of the street, when a man found me and took me in. The shadow quickly lost shape of the boy and a mouth forms, curving into a wicked grin; the grin that is full of the need to torture and bring pain, suffering and regret. In the corner I see an extremely small spider; something I had never paid much attention too, what was it doing? Was it recording me, or is it gathering information? The same man from before appears, my ‘judge’ he looks at me, at whispers gently, the sound was mute, I tried to read his lips but the room was dark as winter night, but now I understand, my days weren’t numbered, they were over. I felt my pulse rise and the walls started the collapse showing a flaming mansion door on one side, and a gleaming welcoming door on the other.

‘Guilty’ his lips formed once more and I felt something grab a hold of me, it was creatures that came and grabbed me I can’t get a very good view; I look up and get the perfect view. The creature was horrid, its skin a puss yellow, and the burns a pitch-black almost charcoal colored, twisted and formed into something only seen in the most wretched nightmares, it had no face it was blank, showing no emotion, they remained silent was I was screaming trying to break loose from their tight grasp. I manage to escape, and I start running but I feel something sharp, and cold jab my in the back, something dark red begins to appear on my short, a stain getting lager covering me whole. I turn my head, and see the creature’s arm, stretches a good 50 feet, shaped into a sharp, jagged dagger-like form, indented in my back. I feel no pain anymore; I feel nothing as if I just got numbed by a dentist. The horrid creature drags me by the neck, over a stone-cold bridge, the bricks digging in my back, leaving a trail of blood. I am stopped, and the creature stares at me as if it were trying to tell me something, its face gruesomely rips apart, leaving a puddle of blood breath; its face separate emitting a roar from its throat. I look beneath and see pits of lava almost; I understand what he means now

“End of the line”

They grab me, and kick me showing no remorse or mercy, knocking me back off the bridge.

I’m falling now, around me faces indented into the flaming walls screaming in agony, I shriek in horror knowing what’s to come.  Slowly the voices rise, in a scream the noise unbearable, singing to me

“Midnight has come, the deed is done. This is the date that seals your fate”

The time is near, the end is here.  They repeat, over and over again, I am almost at the bottom; I take one last breath, or the humid, burning air. The voices are louder as I fall into the pit of blazing fire, skeletons’ rise from beneath; their mud covered bony hands trying to pull me away, digging in my skin. I scream in terror, knowing forever, this is my fate.  One grabs my chest, digging its jagged bones in, I feel every movement as it reaches for something, and it grabs my heart wrapping it fingers around a wicked grin forms on its face, and rips it out. I stare as the creature holds it, in my view the blood covers it mainly, and one final beat as the creature launches it into the air. It lands and gets stuck to the flaming wall, as the raw skin on the wall wraps around it, swallowing it whole, my face begins to form on the wall, I see myself screaming in pain and misery.

I no longer feel any reason to move on, no reason to fight. I just decide let go, and sink into the pits of hell, and whisper to myself, as if when it took a part of me it took my will, and my strength. I feel myself melting away my skin dissolving into nothing but bone, I look around. I am now one of them, a tortured soul living out eternity in pain for my past decisions.

“This is my Final Judgment.”

© Copyright 2017 Moira Garcia. All rights reserved.

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